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The Indian Movie Channel (TIMC)

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Are you as big an Entertainment Junkie as us? Then my friend, you are at the right place because putting up with all the Industry glamour and entertaining tales is our fire. The Indian Movie Channel (TIMC) makes it a point to bring out the reel and real life stories of the fantastical Entertainment world for our viewers. We enlighten you with all the crispy details of this unparalleled universe through our fabulous e-magazine and quirky blogs. E- Magazine spills the beans about Entertainment as news with arresting gallery and videos. Fashion and Lifestyle is the viewers’ favorite thing in the E-Magazine. Want to know mind boggling things happening in the world, switch to our exciting blogs. An otherworldly experience is what we can call our Movie section because watching movies has never been this fun. You think we are forgetting something? Oh yes! The TIMC Show is left to fulfill that. Crazy celebrity interviews and movie talk are there to bright up your day like nothing else. So lay back and enjoy the world of entertainment in a way that only The Indian Movie Channel can provide

TIMC E-Magazine



TIMC (The Indian Movie Channel) is an online gateway which takes you through the magical door of all the latest Bollywood news, everything about the entertainment world, i.e. from Bollywood, Hollywood and Kollywood as well. This magical opening makes its way through its four enchanting categories – E-magazine, Blog, Movies and the TIMC show. They together provide you Entertainment news with all the little tidbits of the fantastical world. Anything new in the world of entertainment, any new Bollywood Gossip and you will definitely find it on our online portal.

Latest Bollywood News is the highlight of everyone’s day and trust TIMC to provide you with the best and the latest stories of the day. We include all types of stories, ranging from new movie releases and trailers to the crispy Bollywood gossips in the lives of the celebrities and the glamour world. Our E-magazine also helps in giving the viewers a thorough idea of the entertainment fables with its fabulous videos, gallery and write-ups. What else would you want? TIMC does not focus only on Bollywood gossips but on Hollywood and Kollywood as well. Talk about the Blogs and you have the most exciting stories to quench your thirst for Entertainment.

If you are a wannabe Fashionista and want to keep up with the latest trends of the celebrities, you should visit the fashion portal on our website. Our trendy e-magazine provides you with all the classy trends that the celebrities follow and count on TIMC to keep you up with the Entertainment News. Along with it our e-magazine also gives you the unrevealed tips of a healthy diet and an elegant lifestyle.

The TIMC show is another highlight of this magical world which, through interviews, keeps you updated with the chic lifestyle of the celebs and every other small detail of the entertainment world. The magical world of movies is not left behind. Movie portal, available on TIMC, allows you to enjoy all kinds of movies, be it regional, old or current, along with exciting documentaries and web series.

So enjoy the world of entertainment and make your experience thrilling along with The Indian Movie Channel.