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The Indian Movie Channel (TIMC) caters to Entertainment and Fashion, wherein we include everything about Bollywood. If it is worth watching, it is on TIMC. We bring you all the Entertainment News, Bollywood Celebrities, Trailers, Gossip etc to pep up your life. Not just this, here is the daily dose of Bollywood gossip to start your day along with our talented hosts at the TIMC show, chattering about the lifestyle of your favorite Bollywood celebs. Be updated about the good and bad days in the life of the B-Town hotties, their style statement and of course their upcoming Bollywood projects. Our phenomenal anchors explore the world of fashion and the ongoing trends in Bollywood and bring to you amazing sessions with the most loved Bollywood stars on our talk shows. Entertainment News, Celebs, Bollywood Movie Trailers, Gossip along with trending movies add charm to our entertaining e-magazine. We frame the latest happenings and news about recent launch events, trailers and songs to keep you up with the Bollywood buzz. Everything about every celeb is up here in the form of news, videos, gallery and of course the extravagant lifestyles of our B-Town stars. In a country where regional cinema also has a crucial role to play, Bollywood is definitely the boss. The Indian cinema has a rich heritage of iconic movies and Bollywood just keeps on adding to that. Indian audience is a die heart fan of Hindi cinema and desires to know everything about it. And we at TIMC aspire to make your search end by providing you with every bit of tidings about the blockbusters and also the trending entertainment News – Celebs, Trailers, Latest Bollywood Gossip that are all set to become a major part of this heritage. Our section about movies also deals with the awards accoladed to the particular movie. Along with amazing movie details, get lost into the world of our quirky blogs about the trending celebs. Explore the world of this tinsel town and find your bliss with spellbinding Bollywood discussions and engrossing subjects. It works as your ticket to Bollywood as it deals with everything chirpy like entertainment news – celebs, trailers, talk show. You cannot stay away once you get a hold of it. TIMC is truly the home of all the Bollywood scoop, Bollywood Movies, entertainment news, celebs, trailers, gossip. If you are a movie lover and have a taste for latest Bollywood gossip, styles, celebrity, TIMC is the place for you.