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The Indian Movie Channel (TIMC)

When life throws rocks at you and you are left with no choices but to surrender to the reality, entertainment is our only ray of hope. Entertainment is the only rope which helps us in escaping the pit hole of reality and responsibilities.

So, here is the ever-missing escape from your boring life into the world of glitz and glamour.

We are where we are because we understand the importance of humor, entertainment, glitz and glamour in the life of an individual. Where most of our time is consumed in the hustle and bustle of our lives, there is hardly any time left for imagination and entertainment. In order to keep the wheel of life spinning smoothly, everyone needs a daily dose of TIMC.

Our journey of providing top of the line entertainment updates and lifestyle hacks to our readers began in 2015, by the eccentric-businessmen-duo, Mr. Shiv Relan and Deep Patel. TIMC is the best entertainment-portal for staying updated with the latest gossip, news, photos and videos of your favourite person/project from the industry. Our little birdies travel into the deep corners of tinsel town for providing the best blend of entertainment, fashion and lifestyle, along with all the refreshment from the real world.

  • Engaging Oppurtunities

    Get a splendid chance of being associated with the entertainment industry of India by working for us. We have an elaborated tech team for immediate support of our editorial and graphics department. If you have a passion for writing or photography or graphics then you will find tons of engaging opportunities to opt for in our organization.

  • Reliable Sources

    Our content relies on International and National news agencies for researching on latest happening but that is not enough. Along with keeping a tab on the news agencies, our research team works in mysterious ways for stalking the social media accounts and hang-out zones of your favourite celebrities.

  • Rankings and Ratings

    TIMC is the fastest growing online entertainment portal of India. Our main objective is not achieving higher numbers but to cater entertainment to every individual in this country yet we manage to secure a reputable place in rankings. Alexa website-statistics survey has ranked our website below 3-digit figures in India after working for a mere span of 6-7 years.

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