Started in 2015, by the stupendous duo, Mr. Shiv Relan and Mr. Deep Patel, The Indian Movie Channel is the best place to get hold of the make believe world of tinsel town. We haven’t heard anyone ever say, I don’t like Entertainment! Apart from all the political and social news every day, the Industry’s current happenings are equally important, and our CEO understands it. Which is why, our little birdies travel into the deep corners of tinsel town to give you the best blend of entertainment, fashion and Lifestyle, along with all the refreshment from the real world?


Don't you want to know which the next project of your favorite celebrity is or who was wearing what at the recent awards? You must be very intrigued about how to ace the perfect summer look! Well, you will find everything here. Our E- Magazine takes you into the world of glitz and glamour, and removes curtains from all the sassy tips and tricks to lead a happening yet elegant lifestyle. To add up to the excitement, we have got BUY options so you don’t have to open million tabs to find what you like. The moment you like some fashion accessory or cool lifestyle artifact, just click the buy button and have it delivered like a boss. After that, our updated news and gallery will not let you move from your screen.


Still not satisfied? Well, who says TIMC has nothing more to offer. We won't bore our audience to death. For you, we have the Blogs. We guarantee you won't find anything more interesting and entertaining than these quirky write ups about the lesser known.

Lastly, the highlight of our website TIMC Show is nothing but bomb of entertainment. With a range of categories to allure you with, we have a caboodle of perplexing interviews, mind-boggling movie reviews and endless chit-chat about movies, so that nothing in the Entertainment world remains unknown.

Entertainment is the ray of sunlight on your gloomy days and TIMC is the perfect rabbit hole to jump into. You will be forced to jump in again and again as a lot more is coming soon to keep you on the edge of your seats.