The Indian Movie Channel (TIMC), is a bit more than just your regular entertainment channel. It is designed to bring you amusement in every form under one web portal.
  • How advertising on our site can benefit our clients
    Settling into regularity does not make us TIMC. We are people who live, breathe and work to make every experience an entertaining one. Our talented pool of writers and designers make sure we give the best of everything from quirky content to mesmerizing videos. Which is why, we offer a bespoke advertising strategy and placement for your brand. Not just a turbo boost, but a rocket launch for you to enjoy recognition, recall, as well as affinity of the audience. We are proud to say that we have 2-3 million viewers addicted to our website that means 5,00,000 eyeballs & 5,00,000 – 6,00,000 views per week.
  • What we can offer to our clients
    When an array of entertainment is what we offer, we can’t help but be the favourite. By proudly flaunting you infront of our 55k Instagram followers, 10k Twitterati and 2.14lakh Facebook users, we welcome you to the club. Choose your favourite ad space on our portal and let your videos, photos, products and sensational banners do the talking.
  • Our future plans and targets
    Who doesn’t want to be on the top? With the pace we are moving, we are pretty sure that our Entertainment family would double every month. We aim to reach 5 million website views and have our social media bombarded with 1 million Facebook likes, half million Instagram followers and 1 lakh Twitter fans till the end of this year. Well, as an added bonus, we won’t mind being the leading Entertainment portal on the planet in the coming years.

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  • 5+ Lakh
    Organic Reach
  • 2+ Million
    Page Views
  • 2.5+ Million
    Total Monthly Reach
  • 10K & 1 Lakh
    India & Global Rank
  • Top 100
    in ComScore in India

Take a Dip into the E-Magazine and Quench your Thirst for Entertainment here!

Magazines compiled in the sheets of paper have now been replaced by the E-magazines. Get the sophisticated and the top news everyday without any interruption. Our E-Magazine deals with segments like Bollywood magazine and Hollywood magazine, where all the latest information related to these two industries and much more is uploaded. The magazine has been divided into segments like News, Fashion, Lifestyle, Video, and Gallery to give you the best of all the worlds. It is an easy to use portal and does not involve registering at every step, so this is the right place for all the entertainment suckers.