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5 Haunted Paintings with eerie stories to excite all horror freaks

by , Tuesday, May 08, 2018

You’ve grown up watching horror movies and TV shows. You’ve also heard of haunted places (or maybe frequented one of them). But I’m here bringing something out-of-the-box haunted stuff. I cannot beat about the bush as the title says it all. 

Yes, welcome the next generation horror i.e. haunted paintings. Some of these paintings are either locked away or hanging in galleries. People who have owned them have experienced mysterious and petrifying things. Some people even go on to say that owning prints, copies of these paintings can lead to uneasiness. In fact, just looking at them can make you feel watched and fearful.

The Dead Motherhaunted paintings

The artist has taken inspiration from the death of his mother. She died of tuberculosis when he was merely 5 years old. This painting makes the viewers very uncomfortable. It is also believed that the eyes of the little girl follow a person around and one can also hear the rustling of mother’s sheets.

The Crying Boyhaunted paintings

This painting attracts fire no matter where it is kept. Irrespective of the fire, the paintings remain untouched and untarnished. Some people reported the burning of their houses. According to some sources, even family members were deeply injured but paintings remained fine. The firefighters who rescued people also told a similar anecdote.

The Anguished Manhaunted paintings

A certain person called Sean Robinson bought this painting which had been hidden by his grandmother who hid the painting for being ‘evil’. After her demise, the painting was found by Robinson who described all the accidents across the painting recorded on video. Presently, the original painting is believed to be locked away at a secret location known to Robinson.

The Hands Resist Himhaunted paintings

This painting caused the death of the art gallery owner and the first critic that reviewed the painting. The artwork was put on eBay sale in 2000 wherein the owners complained the boy moving outside the painting and the doll becoming animated, it all came on camera.

Ghostly Painting with No Titlehaunted paintings

The story behind this painting is that the wife of artist died in 1998. After an year of this episode, his son passed away of suicide. The artist was brutally slaughtered as he refused to give $100 loan to a certain man. This incident lends an aura of fear and mystery to the painting. Some sources reveal that staring at this painting can cause a person’s death.

So, how do you feel? Do these stories send shiver down your spine? Don’t these paintings look beautiful yet feel inexplicably enigmatic? Reading about these haunted stories seems very amusing. But, just the thought that they have occurred in real life and are still impacting people with their presence brings goose-bumps on the arms.


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