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5 Scientific reasons that turn Book Lovers into Incredible Human Beings

by , Thursday, May 03, 2018

The smell of a fresh and crisp page, roses crumbled inside the pages, dog ears reminders, tear-drops on the bookmarked page of that emotional moment in your favourite novel. This is how we describe the fondness of book-reading by enthusiasts who can’t stop leafing through spirituality, crime, romance, non-fiction or fiction based books and literature.  

The more you read, the broader your horizons. When you read a book, you get lost into the world of its own. Books transport you into different realms of our cosmos and concerns relating to it. You learn new words, learn new tactics, improve your diction and command over language while becoming an intellectual, sharp, empathetic and a sparkling gem of a person.

Calm and composedbook-lover

According to a research at University of Sussex, reading for up to 6 minutes can decrease stress levels by 67.8%. That’s why readers are generally calm people. This habit makes readers relaxed and composed.   

Sleep Betterbook-lover

Mayo Clinic research shows that reading alleviates sleep disorders. If you have problems in falling asleep, then try reading a book and you’ll have a sound, relaxed and unperturbed sleep. As you wake up, you feel refreshed, happier and eventful. 

Mentally Stimulatedbook-lovers 

Voracious readers have more attention span, are empathetic and intelligent people. Reading triggers most of the brain areas which other activities don’t bring them into use. Such people don’t have a one-track mind.   

Good Communicatorsbook-lover

Reading helps people to express clearly. Not only do you learn to articulate better but also to vocalize your feelings or concerns much better, be it written or verbal. Even during complicated situations, you are able to describe, assess and explain things very well.  

Good Memoryreaders 

Ken Pugh, a director and president of research at Yale University has proved the fact that people who read a lot have a higher-level-functioning of brain.  According to a study of Neurology in California, regular reading can fight Alzheimer’s disease as well by preventing the build-up of the amyloid plaques. 

Forward this article to anyone who needs a nourished and improved well-being. Begin by reading small articles of your choice, if you don’t like reading. If you’re an avid reader, then spread the word of enlightenment and create a literate society. These are just a few benefits, readers develop a whole lot of knowledge of different topics and fields by picking various books.


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