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Amidst the waiting for Avengers 4, here are 6 best scenes of Avengers Infinity War which completely blew our minds!

by Vibhuti Gupta, Thursday, July 26, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War has done nothing but made us love Marvel Cinematic Universe even more. The entire two and a half hours of the movie, I couldn't get up from my seat and since then, I don't even remember the countless times I've binge-watched it again and again!

Director Russo Brothers have successfully culminated the 18 Marvel films from the past decade into history. It is filled with emotions, awe-worthy moments and fight sequences; and that makes it even more difficult for us to wait for the next part! Am I right?

Infinity War has broken all possible records in cinema history and we're just not able to get enough! It is a complex film with half a dozen storylines running parallelly. Call it gigantic or massive but the Russo Brothers have done an incredibly killer job in making this mega film come true.

It's obvious that we have to wait long enough but who says we can't go back to the wonderful Infinity War memories, every now and then? Haha, so have a seat people because we're bringing you, the best effin' scenes from the greatest superhero movie EVER:

When Spider-Man got his new suit

During the time in the New York fight when Tony Stark reveals his new self-constructing armor, he surely didn't forget his little friend Spidey. While going up in space, Tony orders a “Code 17 A” and BAAM! Spider-Man's flying suit is there for Peter Parker.

Gamora’s hurtful flashbacks

We had a hint about these from the trailer but watching them during the movie was painful. Young Gamora stole the show away with emotions. Also, the scene where Gamora is separated from her mother for understanding the balance of nature by Thanos, tells a great deal about the Mad Titan and Gamora.

When the brave superheroes overpower Thanos

Going by Peter Quill's plan, our brave superheroes were almost on the verge of getting off Thanos' gauntlet. The perfectly choreographed action scenes of Spider-Man, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Drax, Mantis and Star-Lord against Thanos are pretty amazing. However, Thanos' cannot be defeated. At least, not now.

Captain America saves Vision

Wanda was really trying to save injured Vision from the Balck Order but it wasn't until Captain America's thrilling entry from the dark, which stopped Proxima Midnight.

Oh, Snap!

Thanos did something for which he can never be forgiven. He turned half of the universe into dust, including our superheroes. Though, it didn't hit me until I said goodbye to Peter Parker. The way he clinched on to Tony Stark claiming, “I don’t feel so good, Mr. Stark. I don’t want to go,” took the shocking end one notch higher.

Hello Captain Marvel!

While the rumors said that Brie Larson will make a cameo in Infinity War as Captain Marvel but it was only in the post-credit scene that we saw a glimpse of her, that too just symbolic one. Just as we bid farewell to our superheroes, in the post-credit scene, we see Nick Furry making a distress call to Captain Marvel seconds before dying. Well, considering Kevin Feige has confirmed that Captain Marvel will be the most powerful Avengers and can defeat the Mad Titan, we have hope for Avengers 4!

So, which scene is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below and stay strong till the sequel realizes. #ThanosDemandsYourSilence!Follow our Bollywood Magazine For Latest Bollywood News and Gossips.


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