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Behold to the ‘notch-killing’ cell phone: Vivo Nex S Review

by Unik Dhandhi, Friday, July 20, 2018

In 2017, Apple launched the iPhone X which introduced world’s first-ever notched display. Apple users and enthusiasts critically appreciated the design but were repelled by its low durability. Alas, the trend of notched cell phones began which took the whole 2018 by storm.

From Chinese giant OnePlus to Finnish manufacturer Nokia; each and every cell phone manufacturer started working on the notched design. Meanwhile, there were inventors who were working in another direction. Hence, Oppo's Find X gave a green flag to the 'notch-killing' design which was possible only with a movable camera tray

Undoubtedly, Oppo's Find X is practical, beautiful and is gathering tons of attention but expensive. It was just last week when the Find X found its way to the markets and yet-another ‘inventively designed’ cell phone is about to make its debut in India: Vivo Nex S.

What’s unique?

Well, practically everything about this cell phone is unique. Its back panel is designed with chroma-dots which leads to scattering of light particles in RGB colors which looks amazing in-hand. Besides its eccentric outer body, this cell phone belongs to the notch-killing family of cell phones but it is nothing like the Find X. Oppo’s Find X uses a movable tray for hiding the camera and other sensors behind the screen whereas in Vivo Nex S, all the sensors including the speaker panel is designed inside the screen and the camera gets a movable miniature tray which pops-out while clicking pictures or Face ID.

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Screen-embedded Fingerprint

Vivo’s previously launched cell phone X21 made a lot of buzz due to its ‘in-screen fingerprint scanner’ and likewise Vivo has used the same technology in their model Nex S. So, there is no fingerprint scanner; neither in the back nor in the front of the cell phone. A huge gigantic bezel-less screen with ‘screen embedded fingerprint scanner’ feels like magic.

And its processor!

Vivo Nex S comes with the flagship 845 chipset of the Snapdragon processor. This device will be launched in India with an 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. Talking about the storage, there is no memory card slot in Nex S for expanding its storage space. However, a 128 GB of internal storage is a pretty sweet deal.

How much?

The cost of this amazing high-end cell phone by Vivo is expected to be around 45k INR for 8GB/128GB model. While comparing the prices with its competitors; Find X is priced around 75K INR, OnePlus 6’s price ranges from 35k to 45k INR for the limited edition variant and Apple’s X is priced at 85K INR. Looking at the features which Nex S has to offer, we personally feel that the Nex S is going to put up a good fight against the Find X and X.

Its futuristic design, practical usage and medium price range will soon make Nex S, one of the most selling gadgets in India. Stay tuned for more technology related updates.


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