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Essential things to carry on your next Trekking Trip

by Unik Dhandhi, Wednesday, June 06, 2018

A lot of our attempts to escape from the hardships of life are made through travelling and by having a perfect vacation at a peaceful destination. An individual longs for the serene beauty of the hills, but amidst this excitement individuals tend to forget the important things they need to carry on their hiking or trekking trips.

By keeping in mind the small things to carry, the trek can become less worrisome to some extend and you do not have to care much about the necessary requirements in adverse situations.

Here is a list of things to carry on your next trekking trip:

Munching items

Dry fruits, chocolates or energy bars

While hiking or trekking, you lose energy must faster than you anticipate. Keeping eatable items along with you will help you to boost up the lost energy. The benefit of carrying such items is that they require comparatively less space and it is easy to carry them around.

Trekking Shoes

Along with a good trekking gear, it is important to invest in a comfortable, lightweight and warm pair of trekking shoes. The right pair of shoes for trekking provides good ankle support. Walking is to continue for hours while trekking and so it is important to own the right pair of shoes along with you on the trek.

Daypack or Backpack

A daypack or a backpack helps you to keep the things well organised on the trek. The wide variety of backpacks provides an easy access to things. However, the quality of a daypack is to be considered as investing in a good backpack is important to help you feel light and less sweaty on the back. A good backpack should also provide adequate protection to your gear or items mainly from rain or snow.

First-Aid Kit

You must carry basic medical kit with creams for burns or bruises, antiseptic lotion, bandages, and so on. One may not realise when the small kit may help the trek members with minor injuries. The medical kit should mainly have three types of medicines:

  • General medicines for headache, fever, or stomach ache
  • Mild analgesics like aspirin or any Paracetamol
  • Strong analgesics like Codeine, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone or Methadone

Trek Map

It is important to keep a hard copy of trek map along with the essential things while trekking. The mobile GPS may not work on the trekking journey and so the trekking map becomes essential especially for long treks.

Water Bottle

Carrying a water bottle along with you on the trek has proved to be a savoir. It is a precious thing to have on any hiking or trekking trip. When you are trekking, your body dehydrates. It is mostly due to cold temperature that you do not realize you are sweating. So, sipping water constantly from your bottle will keep the body hydrated.

Some other non-mandatory things to keep in mind on the trekking trips include: hiking pole; power bank; sunglasses; flashlight; or cap/hat. Some of these items are based on personal preferences but prove to be very useful when the situation arises. However, most of the items can indeed help the individuals in planning their upcoming hiking or trekking trips


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