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Huawei's Honor 9N becomes the undefeated winner of the mid-segment range in India!

by Unik Dhandhi, Thursday, August 02, 2018

Just before the launch of Honor 9N, Xiaomi's Note 5 Pro was on-the-top with maximum number of sales in a day. Indian audience was allured with Note 5 Pro's mid-segment price range and impressive specifications which made it the most talked-about gadget in India. Honor's 9N launched which turned things upside down in the smart phone market.

Chinese technology giant Huawei's sub-brand Honor made 9N while specifically keeping the Indian audience in mind. Moderately priced Honor 9N comes with a notched Full HD display along with dual-rear camera setup just like Xiaomi's Note 5 Pro but still the Indian consumers are evidently more attracted towards Honor 9N. As per Honor 9N's first-flash sale which sold out in a couple of hours, this device has completely stolen the market of another Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi's Note 5 Pro.

Well, here is the list of features of the 9N which make it better than that of Xiaomi's Note 5 Pro:


It won't be wrong to say that Indian consumers are most affected by the selling-price of a gadget. And hence, Honor 9N's biggest advantage over the Note 5 Pro is that the 9N is priced considerably less than that of Note 5 Pro. Honor 9N's moderate price-range made it the most affordable and desired smart-phone of the present times.


Now, you may wonder what if price is not the biggest concern. Well! After price comes the design and looks of a gadget. After all who wants an ugly-looking smart phone? Honor 9N's all-glass back and vibrant color-options are attracting more buyers than Xiaomi's Note 5 pro's aluminium body.


When talking about the cameras, both the devices come equipped with nearly similar camera setups. Both devices feature a dual-rear camera setup; 9N has a 13MP + 2MP rear camera and a 16 MP front camera and Note 5 Pro has a 12MP + 5 MP rear cameras and a 20 MP front camera. Honestly speaking, if you are looking for a smart phone specifically for clicking selfies then you must choose Note 5 Pro over the 9N.


Besides the price, design and camera, there is something else without which a smart phone is not smart i.e., chipset or its brain. Huawei's sub-brand Honor has released 9N with an in-house Kirin HiSilicon 859 whereas Note 5 Pro comes with a Qualcomm 836 chipset. And when compared Honor 9N's chipset is way ahead than that of the Note 5 pro.

Besides the above listed features, Indian audience is in approval with Huawei's after-sale services and the brand-name which also play a huge role in making a model, one of the top selling gadgets in a country. Stay tuned for more technology related updates.


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