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India's first-ever, affordable 55-inch Smart Android TV soon-to-LAUNCH!

by Unik Dhandhi, Thursday, May 10, 2018

Talking about home-entertainment systems, the only thing which comes to our minds is a huge screen with a sharp display. In no-time, the world of home-entertainment upgraded and introduced smart TVs. So, now your TV is not only a television but also can be used for surfing the web and running some of the basic applications. 

A processor, high-end display, well-built speakers, numerous connectivity-ports and what not; does not sound cheap. In fact, if you go out for buying a smart Android TV which has a 50-inch screen or larger then you know that it is going to cost you at least INR 40k. Unless you're buying the recently launched SONY Bravia because it will cost you even more, around INR 100K.

Even when the Chinese manufacturers are also importing products to India, having a huge, sharp and Smart TV in the drawing-room has become a dream for the economically-weak. If anyone, Indians know how important it is to have a well-organized entertainment system in the home.

And Indian based consumer electronics and appliances company, HOM begs to differ than the rest of manufacturers in the market. HOM India aimed towards providing affordable, huge screens which also have 4K Ultra display better than any of the competitors.

Beheld by the greatness of world's first-ever, affordable Smart ANDROID TV by HOM which will be launched in India soon. Here are the unreal specifications of this device whose price is not yet revealed:

4K Ultra HD screen

1920x1080 pixels

Powered by Android

2 HDMI ports

One year warrant

Did your jaw too just dropped onto the floor like mine? Well, I am surely looking forward to the launch of this smart TV by HOM which is expected to release on 16th of May, this year. Stay tuned for more technology-related updates.


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