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Know the scientific health-benefits of hugging!

by Unik Dhandhi, Thursday, May 17, 2018

Nothing can help make your day like a good, warm hug from someone you love. We all will agree to it. Hugging is an adorable way of releasing all the stress and pressure from your mind.

Where everyone thinks that has only psychological benefits, there are researches which prove that hugging may also have a positive effect on your physical health. Yes! Hugging actually helps in the betterment of your health.

In order to brush up your 'hugging-facts', here are some scientific health-benefits of hugging:


When you hug a person, not only stress and pressure is released from a person's mind but also fights against infection. Research shows that those who hugs more often are less likely to catch common illnesses like the flu.

Blood Pressure

Hugging helps you in lowering down your blood pressure. It has been scientifically proven that hugging can lower-down your BP levels.


Hugging helps in releasing Oxytocin in your brain which is the reason why we feel happy after hugging someone.

Hug your kid

It has been long-known that hugging an infant helps in their growth. Well, the scientific reason behind this is that hugging leads to a better mental health which is vital for growth.

Pain Killer

You may have not acknowledged but hugging can actually help you as a pain-killer. hugging releases endorphins which helps in reducing pain.

So, what is your reason for gifting a hug to someone? You must do it for yourself more than the other person. Stay tuned for more quirky facts.


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