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London Art Installation presents a chance to breath in Earth's most Polluted air

by Vibhuti Gupta, Wednesday, May 02, 2018

We're all familiar with the consequences of air pollution to mankind and their help. So, a British artist, Michael Pinsky, has taken upon himself to let people experience the pollution level in different cities so that we can understand the cruelty of this situation. 

Michael has created 5 Pollution Pods, which follow the atmosphere and pollution level of different cities including London, Beijing, São Paulo and New Delhi.

These pods, which are simple 5 domes, each 6 meters high and 3 meters wide are placed in Somerset House, London.

Visitors can enter these interconnected domes to experience air pollution levels of all 5 cities.

They clone the atmosphere, like the temperature, fumes, air and smell of different cities. These 5 cities were chosen on the basis of the contrasting kind of pollution.

One dome which follows the atmosphere of Tautra contains the purest air. Tautra is an island in the municipality of Frosta in Norway.

Talking about people's views on the whole new concept, a spokeswoman from Somerest House said, "Some people have said the New Delhi pod is just unbearable. But that’s what people experience every single day." Apparently, the visitors do not prefer spending much time inside the New Delhi installation!

Moreover, the extreme heat of New Delhi has been created by using three column heaters and a haze machine to produce smog. 

Guys this is OUR WAKE UP CALL!


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