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Meet Swati Maliwal, the woman fasting to death for the #RapeRoko movement

by Vibhuti Gupta, Monday, May 07, 2018

We live in a world where there's nothing that you can't find on the Internet. From the solutions to all your problems to the most horrific news, nothing can hide from the internet. In such a world, we need to talk about this woman who has taken upon herself to get the government's attention on the rape culture of India.

Her name is Swati Maliwal, 33, is a chairperson of the Delhi Commission for Women and is on a fast against the ruling government's silence on the Kathua and Unnao rape case.

So, are you ready to know all about her and why she is a force to reckon with at the moment:

Swati engaged herself in social work after refusing a corporate job offer from HCL.
She began the #RapeRoko campaign in January 2018, after an 8-month-old baby was raped.
Currently, she is on indefinite hunger strike and hopes PM Narendra Modi will discuss this matter.
She is the youngest ever chief of the Delhi Commission for Women.
During her initial term, Maliwal cracked down on the brothels of GB Road to tackle women and child trafficking. It was said to be one of the greatest challenges of her term.
Also, she is one of the youngest members of India Against Corruption core committee, the group from which AAP came to be born.
We need more brave women like Swati. More power to you!


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