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Meet the brutally honest IAS Officer Rohini Sindhuri who locked a minister's office due to misconduct!

by Unik Dhandhi, Thursday, June 14, 2018

One of the most trending Bollywood clichés, an honest and rugged cop does not exist in the real life. Half of the department is too lazy to stop crime and other half are corrupted out of survival. But there is always someone who proved to be a silver lining to the Indian department of justice.

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Today, we will talk about the brightest and bravest female IAS officer of India, Rohini Sindhuri Dasari. There are infinite instances in history which proves that IAS officer Rohini served the country with utmost honesty.

“It is tough to stand up for what is right, especially when there is resistance from all sides… We should not feel that nothing is in my hands. If an officer feels like that, what will the common man do?” says IAS officer Rohini Sindhuri Dasari.

Born in Andhra Pradesh, Rohini Sindhuri was born on 30th May 1984. After completing a B. Tech degree in Chemical engineering from the University of Hyderabad, Sindhuri began preparing for UPSC exam as an aspiring IAS officer. Sindhuri's hard work and endless study-hours finally paid her by securing 43th rank in UPSC exam. Later, she became an IAS officer from the batch of 2009.

A brilliant student and a brave soul, Rohini Sindhuri finally had a way to make difference in this country by becoming an IAS officer. In May 2014 she took charge as the CEO of Mandya Zilla Panchayat where she is popular for her eccentric approach towards justice. 

And this is not enough, Rohini's legends are all over the Karnataka Food and Civil Supplies Corporation Limited and many other departments which have been handled by her till now. But the most famous act of bravery done by this gutsy IAS officer is during her time as District Collector of Hassan district in July 2017 where she locked the office of A Manju, the Minister-in-charge of the district on account of misuse of government property.

IAS officer Rohini Sindhuri is honest, fierce, beautiful and brave; all the qualities required for bringing justice in our nation. We salute many such officers for their splendid service for the nation. Stay tuned for more quirky and unknown facts.


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