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Meet the most powerful Superhero in the whole MCU, Captain Marvel: SPOILER ALERT

by Unik Dhandhi, Thursday, May 03, 2018

We all have seen and enjoyed Marvel movies since ages. And soon after the release of their undoubtedly best creation, Avengers: Infinity War, the audience is psyched to witness the second installment of the movie.

Marvel Studios which are known for their intriguing post-credit scenes (PCS), did not forget to leave an open-ending with a PCS in which Nick Fury along with S.H.E.I.L.D Agent Hill are turned to ashes. And just before collapsing, Nick Fury sends a message through his futuristic-pager to an unknown entity.

Well! Ladies and gentlemen we hereby reveal the biggest spoiler of the century, "The superhero-entity who was being contacted by Nick Fury is none-other-than Captain Marvel."

Wait, whaaaaaaaaat? Where was she in Infinity War?Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is the most powerful superhero in the history of Marvel's Cinematic universe (MCU) but till now, not even a single movie has been made on this character nor was she in the Infinity War. As per the first Infinity War, all the Avengers fail in preventing Thanos from acquiring all-six infinity stones or ingots due to which half of the universe is wiped away along with some of the Avengers. Hence, as the last resort Nick attempts to contact the best of the best 'Captain Marvel' for helping the remaining Avengers in defeating Thanos which will be shown in the second installment which is expected to release in 2019.

Who is Captain Marvel?Captain Marvel

In the comics, the story of Captain Marvel dates back to the 60s. The story is about an ex-militant Carol Danver who eventually ends up as the security director at NASA’s headquarters in Florida. During her tenure at NASA, Carol falls in love with a scientist named, Philip Lawson who is actually a Kree superhero disguised as a human. And like all other superhero movies, there is a super-villain, Yon-Rogg who kidnaps Danvers to trap Philip Lawson AKA Mar-Vell. When Mar-Vell finally finds Rogg and Carol, an explosion takes place and Mar-Vell was left with no choice but to cover Carol with his body for saving her. During the blast Carol absorbs a huge part of Mar-Vell's superhero-DNA which turns Carol into a meta-human. Soon after the death of Mar-Vell, Carol starts wearing the cape as Captain Marvel.

What are her powers?Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is supposedly the most powerful superhero in the whole MCU. She can fly, has superhuman strength, sixth sense, and the power to travel at super-speed. In short, she can prove to be trouble for bad guys including the gigantic Thanos. Also, Captain Marvel is super-durable, resistant to poison and has the ability to survive in the outer space.

Will she be kicking some Thanos-a**?Captian Marvel

Honestly, we don’t know. Captain Marvel surely is capable of serving some good-old beating to Thanos but nothing is for sure until now. But one thing can be said that if Nick has decided to rely on Captain Marvel for saving the earth then we surely believe his vision.

So, how psyched are you about being able to witness Thanos's defeat? We bet a lot. Stay tuned for more movie-related fun and quirky updates.


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