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Mulk Movie Review: Intense Rishi Kapoor & Dedicated Taapsee Pannu surely gave us the much-required wakeup call!

by Vibhuti Gupta, Friday, August 03, 2018

Rishi Kapoor and Taapsee Pannu are both method actors so there's no reason NOT to watch Mulk. From the very start till the closing credits, Mulk gives you wicked-yet-entertaining ticket! So if you’re wondering what to do this weekend, then Mulk is a good option but don’t make up your mind till you read!

Set in the backdrop of Varanasi, Murad Ali Mohammed (Rishi Kapoor) is a small-time lawyer, living with his family here before partition. Just like any other Muslim in India, Murad Ali had a person to confide in and obviously had some major personal issues with his brother, Bilaal Mohammed (Manoj Pahwa). Living his average life, Murad had no clue what the future holds for him. Soon, Bilaal’s son Shahid (Prateik Babbar) gets involved with a terrorist organization to plant a bomb blast for the sake of his religion’s good and the entire family of Murad Ali comes under the radar of police. Showcasing the idiotic mentality of people in India, the story takes a strong turn as Hindu daughter-in-law Aarti (Taapsee Pannu) comes to defend Murad Ali's family in court.

Interesting fact: The script of the film had been drafted 13-14 times till director Abhinav Sinha got it right. Looking for help, he also went to maestro Shoojit Sircar, who said that it is one of his best-written works. Apart from being dark, disturbing and intriguing; the movie also is entertaining to its best level. From the strong visuals and sounds of Azaan and Ganga rivers to the ultimate arguments in court about Hindu & Muslims, Mulk has a surprise for you throughout. There are such amazing dialogues; you just don’t get enough time to sink in the greatness of each one of them.

Rishi Kapoor, in every way, has justified the role of Murad Ali Mohammed. Through the entire runtime, Rishi maintained a certain flow and you're surely going to love him for his integrity and honest portrayal. After watching the movie, you'll realize that there was no better option than Taapsee for this role. The perfection of the story and movies comes with talent in every corner, and well it's safe to say that Taapsee delivered better than what was expected. Moving on, the second half of the film solely belongs to Ashutosh Rana. He was amazing in the courtroom and oh those wicked smiles! Also, we get a bonus from the film which is Manoj Pahwa. He is a pure gem! Neena Gupta as Rishi Kapoor’s wife does good in emotional scenes.

Every director has one movie which makes him stand out and Anubhav Sinha has made his. He’s the salient winner of the film. Mulk has everything with perfection, from riding emotions to many bold scenes but in the end, it’s the logic he talks about. There are not many songs in the movie, just three. Sunidhi Chauhan’s Thenge Se is useful and Shakeel Azmi’s lyrics surely got the lyrics right. Vishal Dadlani’s Khudara plays a strong role in the movie.

There's no way that you're getting out of this one. Mulk is a must watch! Stellar performances, mind-blowing climax & superlative narration – this is so far, the best movie of 2018 deserves an 8.5/10!


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