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Nokia 5.1 Plus LEAKED: Nokia to enter the market with a notched screen

by Unik Dhandhi, Monday, June 11, 2018

Soon after the iPhone X, the cell phone market got flooded with tons of phones with a notched/Bezel-less display. And when it comes to cell-phone manufacturers in India, how can anyone forget Nokia?

Yes! We are talking about the 7210, Music Xpress, N-Series and many other reliable cell phones' manufacturer Nokia who was once on top of the game. With the invasion of Android, Nokia's follow-ship faded away. In fact, there last collaboration with the ANDRIOD OS could not manage to do well in India.

But Nokia is back and it won't be wrong to say that Nokia is back with a bang. It has just been a few days since the Nokia 5.1 was showcased by HMD Global and reports have already been flooding that Nokia is working on an upgrade which will be named as Nokia 5.1 Plus.

Know for manufacturing strong yet innovative communicating devices, Nokia seems to be entering the Indian market again and with a lot of changes in the previous model. As per the reports the Nokia 5.1 Plus is supposed to have a notched display which will be the first of its kind in the mid-budget range of cell phones.

Till now, only high-budget range of cell-phones have been equipped with a notched or bezel-less display (OnePlus 6, Apple's iPhone X, Samsung S9+ and others) but Nokia is trying to change things now. So, it won't be wrong to call the Nokia 5.1 Plus a game-changer as it may change a thing or two for the average cell-phone users of India.

Evidently, the previous users of Nokia are very pleased with the announcement of upgraded communicating devices and 5.1 Plus is like a cherry added on the top of it. According to the leaks, the 5.1 Plus will come with a dual-camera and a notched-display.

Not every detail was provided about the upgraded device but a lot could be interpreted about the device. It is not bulky at all. In fact, the soon-to-launch 5.1 Plus looks futuristic and sleek. It seems like Nokia has done a lot of R&D before designing this gadget.

Do you think that Nokia 5.1 Plus is going to win Nokia its Indian market back? Stay tuned for more technology related updates.


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