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Samsung's invisible Gear may put your latest smart watch to shame: Gear IconX

by Unik Dhandhi, Monday, August 13, 2018

With its first smart watch Samsung introduced the Gear series or the elite accessories for running multipurpose applications. One of the major USPs of Samsung's gears including the smartwatch is that they have motion tracking sensors for fitness applications.

Year after years, Samsung kept on experimenting with their Gears for producing more efficient and innovative devices. And finally, Samsung has done it again. Samsung recently launched their IconX ear buds which are slightly more than just a pair of cordless ear-plugs.

Here is everything you need to know about Samsung's almost invisible IconX:


Its innovative structure and impeccable hardware makes the Samsung Gear IconX, one of the best looking gadgets on the shelf. These ear buds come in a sleek design and in 3 variable sizes for better fit and personalisation. it won't be wrong to say that the wireless design and compact design make them practically invisible. And do not misunderstand its miniature design with poor fit because that is not the case with IconX. Whether you are running or sleeping, these ear buds will never slip-off from your ears.

Music Player

It is logical to wonder where will be the audio controls for controlling the functions of the IconX. Well! Samsung is a step-ahead from others. Samsung has introduced a first-ever tap functionality for controlling the audio of the IconX. The sound quality is undoubtedly a class-apart and usability is also pretty fun.

Fitness Tracking

As we all know that the Gear S1, S2 and even S3 feature motion tracking sensor at the rear of the watch (in contact with the wearer’s skin). Likewise, the motion sensors in IconX are present on the inside of the ear buds which work similar to that of a smart watch. In addition to the motion tracking sensors, IconX has a talk-back feature which will let you know everything you need to know about your health.


Besides a terrific sound quality, IconX comes equipped with a promising power back-up which allows a minimum of 7 hours of music playback. The IconX will also be capable of quick-charging which will let you enjoy upto an hour of playback with just 10-minutes of charging.

Besides the above mentioned game-changers, there are a lot of other magnificent features in this newly-launched Gear IconX which needs to be explored. So, are you willing to buy these wireless, highly-priced ear buds? Stay tuned for more technology related updates


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