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Some inspirational travel-quotes which will push you off the edge!

by Unik Dhandhi, Tuesday, May 08, 2018

An adventurous night out or a mind-blowing expedition; travelling will leave you awestruck every time you head out. But what about your lazy-a** friends who hate leaving their couches?

We all know one or more such lazy-beings who hate travelling just for the sake of staying comfortable. They hardly know that coming-out-of-the-comfort zone is extremely crucial for growing up.

Therefore, in order to make sure that not even a single lazy-friend of yours is left behind; here are some of the most inspirational quotes which will likely push you off the edge:

Is your friend still showing tantrums? Well, the last resort is to pack their bags and throw them in the back of the car's trunk. Stay tuned for more travel related updates


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