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The Blue Army: 5 Times when Indian cricketers showed the world how to take revenge!

by Unik Dhandhi, Sunday, August 05, 2018

What's better than watching your country win at an international stage? We bet nothing! And cricketers have been providing that joy to Indian fans since a very long time. Since the beginning of the time, Indian cricketers have tried their best for making Indian fans smile.

Every sport is about winning but there is something much more intense and valuable than winning at a game; trying to beat the best. The sportsmanship and dedication of not loosing is what makes every sport worth watching. Well, Indian cricket team has given us numerous such occasions when they showed the world how to take old-school styled revenge.

Here are 5 such events when Indian cricketers showed the world how to take revenge:

1996 World Cup Quarter Final (IND vs. PAK)

India versus Pakistan cricket match is always exciting but the 1996 World Cup’s quarter final match was a class apart. If you are a cricket-fan then you must have heard or watched this match which turned into a classic by Venkatesh Prasad. Pakistan was doing fairly-well in the match and Pakistani cricketer Aamir Sohail scored by a brilliant fifty against India. Aamir hit a Venkatesh's delivery for scoring a 4 and pointed the region with his bat as in to mock the bowler (Venkatesh). In the very next ball, Prasad bowled him out and showed him the way to pavilion.

1998 Coca-cola Champions trophy (IND vs. ZIM)

Do you know a Zimbabwe player named Henry Olonga? We bet not! Well if you do then you must be aware of the fact that he once bowled-out God of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar. Yes, he did and that is the only thing for which he is remembered for. During a semi-final match of the Coca-Cola Championships trophy between India and Zimbabwe, Henry bowled-out Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and expressed utmost excitement. God of cricket stayed hush that day but he took the revenge two days later in the final match. Master Blaster made sure that he hit almost every delivery by Henry Olonga for a 4 or a 6 and scored a fine century against Zimbabwe.

2002 Natwest Final (IND vs. ENG)

We bet you do remember the Natwest final match; for former captain Sourav Ganguly's taking off his jersey at the Lord's stadium. The story began a couple of months ago when English player Andrew Flintoff celebrated England's victory over India by waving his jersey in the air, at the Wankhade Stadium. Former captain Ganguly found it hard in letting Flintoff's gesture go. In the final when India won the Natwest series in England, Ganguly was seen proudly waving his blue jersey from the pavilion of the Lord's stadium, London.

2007 ICC T20 World Cup (IND vs. ENG)

How can any Indian forget ace batsman Yuvraj Singh’s splendid 6 sixes? Just before the 19th over of the India vs England match in the T20 World Cup, Yuvraj and Flintoff got involved in a verbal argument. Cricketer Yuvi's sheer aggression made him hit all of the 6 deliveries out of the ground. It literally made the Indian spectators jump through the roof. WHAT A DAY!

2009 IND vs. AUS ODI

Ace captain M.S. Dhoni is known for his calm nature and intelligent game play but 2009 India versus Australia ODI was different. After being hit by multiple bouncers and then blocked by Ausie bowler Michell Johnson while running between the wickets, Dhoni became utter furious. The ace hitter of Indian cricket team then worked magic with his bat and runs showered from the heaven.

So, which one of the above listed 5 moments is your favorite one? Stay tuned for more sports related updates.


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