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The Exhilarating Story of India's First Female Detective, Mrs. Rajani Pandit

by Vibhuti Gupta, Saturday, June 02, 2018

Meghna Gulzar's latest offering, Raazi starring Alia Bhatt and Vicky Kaushal tells the tale of a brave Sehmat, who against all odds did something impossible for her country, India. The movie has been raging at the box-office and has led people to be more curious in knowing the silent heroes of our country!

We're here to share the same with you, the thrilling story of India's first female detective, Mrs. Rajani Pandit. She is fierce, bold and fondly known as the Indian Sherlock Holmes.

Rajani began working as a spy when she did not even fully understand the meaning of the word, spy in 1983. Now, she runs her successful detective agency for the last 25+ years. The agency is named as Rajani Pandit Detective Services, which is also known as Rajani Investigation Bureau.

Talking about her life, we have some exciting facts about her life:

Father's daughter

What made her take up spy as a career, you ask? Her father, Shantaram Pandit, who was a veteran criminal investigator with Mumbai Police. Rajani had always been in interested in her father's work and also why people never got justice directly through the police. This spark inspired her to feel fit for a role of detective.

The Bosslady of Mumbai

With a team of intelligent 20 people, Rajani has solved over 75,000 cases! Her clients are a full pool of eminent businessmen, politicians, and film stars, etc.


Rajani has great experience in pre/post marital cases involving disputes between married couples.

Master of Disguise and Identities

Just like a detective, she's good with multiple identities and staying under-cover. She claims to have worked as a maid, a blind woman, a pregnant woman, a street vendor and the list goes on.


Rajani has written two books, based on personal experiences- Faces Behind Faces & Mayajal. The first book won two awards, and the latter won six awards. She has won over 57 awards in total.

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