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The story behind ‘Finger Licking Good’ Chicken

by Tanvi Vohra, Saturday, July 14, 2018

It doesn't matter if you like KFC or not, but you are definitely going to be inspired by the story that led to the creation of this food chain. The story holds the message that regardless of one's age, determination, dedication and ambition can lead an individual to the steps of success.

Have you ever been rejected in life to an extent that you plan to give up? Well, the founder of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) did feel so. However, he never gave up and took failures as an opportunity to perform better the next time.

Colonel Harland Sanders can be easily identified in his white and clean suit with a black tie and a walking cane in his hand. When he reached the age of sixty five, he retired after running a restaurant for several years. After he retired, he found himself to be penniless. The wave that started his international career was when he received his first social security check.

Sanders was always praised for his fried chicken recipe and always had a positive reply from the people who tasted it. Moving forward with this positive vibe that he received for his recipe, Sanders decided to travel door to door in order to promote his chicken recipe with his social security check of one hundred and five dollars.

The most surprising aspect of his life is that in the age where most of the people think to retire and enjoy life and live for their own self, Sanders moved forward to start a complete start up of which he was hardly aware about.

Sanders opted to sell the World his recipe and so went door to door of every house and restaurant that he could find in his local area. He even tried finding a partner for him, but failed. He started travelling by car to different restaurants in order to make chicken for the owners on the spot. If they liked the chicken they would enter an agreement through which each piece of chicken that the restaurant sold, Sanders will receive a nickel. The restaurant used to receive the chicken in packets so that they are not able to disclose the secret spices and herbs added in the recipe. By the year 1964, Sanders already had nearly 600 franchises all over the World selling his recipe. However, he was also World's second most recognizable celebrity by the year 1976.

The most shocking news is the fact that his recipe was rejected nearly one thousand and nine times before it heard the first 'yes'. NOT KIDDING! It is unbelievable to know that he started at the age of 65 and reached all the way to the top!

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