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Top 5 Chinese cell-phone giants which have completely taken over the Indian market!

by Unik Dhandhi, Saturday, July 28, 2018

There was once a time when Indians relied only on Nokia, Samsung and Apple for communicating devices aka cell-phone aka smart-phone. In fact, buying a cell-phone was only a dream for the less earning individual. In no time, Nokia disappeared like a sinking boat and began the era of ANDROID powered smart-phones.

With passing time, smart-phones became a necessity for every individual. Everyone wanted a handset but the ones which were worth spending for; like iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge were completely out of the reach of average Indian consumer.

But soon enough, Apple and Samsung’s high-end expensive devices became useless for buying. And the reason behind it was the ultimate OnePlus 5 and 5T along with an army of Chinese handsets which had better specification and features than that of the ‘flagship’ products including the iPhones.

And today, Chinese manufacturers has left American company Apple, Korean company Samsung and Finnish manufacturer Nokia far behind in the race of ruling the Indian market. Here are the top 5 Chinese cell-phone companies who have completely taken over the Indian market:


Chinese cell-phone giant, Vivo Communication Technology was founded in the year 2009 and it made its Indian debut in the year 2014. And in the year 2015, Vivo became the title sponsor of the Indian Premier League under a two-year deal which started in the 2016 season. Soon, this Chinese manufacturer became famous for producing affordable, sleek and high-performance devices which won a million hearts. Currently, the flagship model of this company is the Nex S which has 19:9 Full HD display and a movable camera tray for notch-less design.


Known for producing the MI models, Xiaomi Corporation was found in 2011 and become China's largest smart-phone company in 2014. Xiaomi soon expanded to its South-East neighbours including India and became a hit in no time. By launching a ton of popular devices including the MI Note 5 Pro, Xiaomi has become one of the most selling cell-phone brands in India. Currently, its flagship model is the Xiaomi MI 8 which is still to be launched in the coming month.


Founded in 2001, Oppo Electronics Corporation is undoubtedly the leading Chinese cell-phone manufacturer. The brand owner of OnePlus and RealMe, Oppo has not left even a single genre of Indian consumers. While Oppo's OnePlus is known for producing affordable yet high-end cell-phones which have brilliant camera and the fastest processor, Oppo's RealMe wing is working hard for producing cheap yet promising communicating devices. Currently, Oppo's flagship model is the OnePlus 6 which is now also available in the red color.


Long known Chinese multinational company, Huawei was founded 31 years ago in 1987. And after overtaking Ericsson in 2012, Huawei became the world's largest telecommunication equipment manufacturer. From July to September 2017, Huawei surpassed Apple and became the second largest smart-phone manufacturer in the world after Samsung. The brand owner of Honor, Huawei is also a proud manufacturer of affordable and practical cell-phones. Currently, Huawei's flagship model is the Huawei P20 Pro.


The brand owner of Motorola, Lenovo is not new to the Indian market. Lenovo won the trust of Indians with their flagship computing devices. Form laptops to Thinkpads and now to cell-phones, Lenovo is also one of the leading electronic device manufacturer in the world. It current flagship model is the Motorola’s G6.

So, it won’t be wrong to say that every time someone buys a Chinese handset, he/she is paying for their dumplings. Has it been too long since we have been waiting for the Indian manufacturers to step-up and take the lead in the field of technology? Stay tuned for more technology related updates


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