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Top 6 unsolved heart wrenching mysteries of India

by , Tuesday, February 13, 2018

India is a land of heritage and history, which comes with a lot of unsolved mysteries. Now that the people are not hitched to the idea of accepting something just for the heck of it, they come up with questions and possibilities which make you think. Some of these mysteries are recent, others are millennia old – still waiting for answers.

Let’s take a look at some of these enigmas, some of which are truly inexplicable and puzzling, to learn more about the mysteries of India. Here we go:

The malediction over Kuldhara

This land is filled with mysteries. Established in 1219, the land flourished in leaps and bounds with as much 84 villages. One day it was threatened by an evil dewan, and the village vanished overnight!

Death of Lal Bahadur Shastri

He died because of cardiac arrest, which was his fourth as per the doctors who assisted him during his Indo-Pak war-ending peace meet; however his wife expresses an entirely different opinion on this. She says he never had heart issues and his body had blue marks which root towards him being poisoned. Just a day after signing Tashkent declaration, he died under mysterious circumstances.

Ghost on duty

Indian soldier who died near Nathula Pass, Sikkim is said to be the savior of all army personnel in this region. Baba Harbhajan Singh is known as the Hero of Nathula, who has now become a common folklore. Thus, in his honor, they have built a shrine.

Taj Mahal or Tejomahalaya

We all know that Taj Mahal is built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan as a mausoleum to his beloved deceased wife, Mumtaz Mahal. But here’s the shocker: according to a theory, Taj Mahal is not a mausoleum and instead, is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva called Tejo Mahalaya. His theory further suggests that since Shah Jahan was the supreme commander, he took over the temple and made it what now history knows it as.

Mir Osman Ali’s Undiscovered Treasure

The last and seventh Nizam of the Asaf Jah dynasty of Hyderabad, Mir Osman Ali Khan, famous for his idiosyncrasies, was also known for his stunning collection of jewelry and legendary treasure. According to the TIME Magazine, he was the richest Indian ever in 1937 but after his death, much of his fabulous personal wealth and most of the famed Nizam jewelry were never recovered after his death. It is believed they still lie somewhere in the underground chambers of King Kothi Palace in Hyderabad where the Nizam lived most of his life.

Prahlad Jani

How can a man survive without eating or drinking anything for the last 70 years? Well this man did! Considering this, in 2010 he was kept under 24×7 surveillance for 15 days where to the wildest surprise of everyone, he lived without food and water. Even then he had no symptoms of starvation. This act of his survival remains a terrific mystery for many.

Shocked? Well there are more and more conspiracy theories emerging every day. Which one is your favorite?

By ~ Vibhuti Gupta


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