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Watch out for the dreamy Rolls Royce Vision 100 which is surely too good to be true!

by Vibhuti Gupta, Wednesday, July 18, 2018

What comes to your mind when we say Rolls Royce? Yes, luxury and perfection. Now, what comes to your mind when we speak about technology, innovation and Rolls Royce? Aah, it is surely something beyond each and every one of us. Don't you agree?

Well, no matter what the future holds but I'm sure that it cannot beat the Rolls Royce's vision. In a recent celebration, parent company BMW stunned the world by unveiling this beautiful beast called Vision 100.

There's no other car that I want to drive but this masterpiece from Rolls Royce!

James Bond is fail in front of this. Am I right?

But don't get your hopes high because I'm sure this Rolls Royce is going to be super super expensive!

Vision 100 is nearly 20 feet long (5.9m) and five feet tall

This will be the first car that can also be called Cruise Ship!

That's something you can prefer over a Batmobile

This will surely make even the aliens jealous of our technology

Beyond understanding, right? Let me write to Santa now!


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