Giorgio Armani condemns Gucci’s ‘Creepy’ show- a trendsetter


Gucci started Milan Fashion Week in a distinctively unconventional style with models carrying replicas of their own heads, baby dragon and some were adorned with a third eye on the ramp that converted into an eerie operating room.

 Gucci’s models walked with replicas of severed heads, baby dragon and third eye.

Giorgio Armani thinks Gucci went too ‘overboard’ with the staging of their recent runway show. The seasoned designer, 83, flipped out at the popular fashion show for their debatable Autumn/Winter 2018 collection last week. Nevertheless, we loved the show.

Here a few facts about Gucci's show and quotes from Giorgio Armani. 



Male and female models showcased the collection amidst operating tables under the reflection of bright neon lights inside the Gucci’s Milan headquarters. They walked over the playback of a constant beeping of a heart monitoring equipment.

Quoting Armani


“He insisted that it’s important not to go “overboard” with staging, but to let the clothes do the talking,” Armani stated. Giorgio Armani didn’t quite admire the style. Without mentioning the brand, or creative director Alessandro Michele by name, he quoted, “I don’t want to be a part of this. Fashion can’t be a means to have the media talk about you.”

What went wrong?


“We have to move and excite but without going overboard – it’s too easy. I have never wanted to trick consumers and what I show on the runway is what customers can find in stores,” Armani stated the reason behind his dislike and said this is what went wrong with the show. Nevertheless, we think the collection was a head-turner.

Gucci is a superhit on runways 


Irrespective of varied opinions, one thing is for sure that Gucci’s show surprised everyone and drew lots of attention from all corners. We love the unconventional approach that was hair-raising and amusing, simultaneously. 

Hey, people always mock the unconventional stuff initially but accept it later. We know Gucci has always set new trends and created luxury clothing for fashion conscious people. When it’s awesome, its Gucci, another name for inspiration.

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