10 protocols that the British Royal Family follows when a baby is born


There is certain protocol that the royal family follows after the birth of any royal baby. The Royal Highnesses the Duke Prince Harry and Dutchess of Sussex Megan Markle recently announced their pregnancy and that they are expecting a baby in spring 2019.

Being born into a royal family is what the dreams are made of but there are number of protocols that need to be followed after a prince or a princess is born into such families. The rules are really hard but as they say, with great royalty, come great responsibilities.

Megan and Harry would have to do these 10 things mentioned below immediately after their baby is born next year.

Before anybody, Queen is informed

The Queen is the first person to know about a royal baby’s birth. Before the news is given to anybody else in the family, the parents have to call the Queen when their baby is born. Once the queen is informed then only the news gets circulated everywhere else.

Immediate royal debut

Royal babies make a public appearance almost immediately after birth. Before Princess Diana, the royal babies were born inside respective palaces only but she changed the protocol and gave birth in a hospital. So after the birth the babies are taken back home almost immediately and are made to show baby’s face in the press.

No baby showers

Baby showers are when pregnant woman’s friends throw her a lavish party and shower her with gifts for the baby. In this case, royal family is already so wealthy; the whole concept of baby showers is very bizarre for them. Baby showers are anyway not a big deal in United Kingdom.

62 gun salute

When a royal baby is born, they are ought to be given special treatment. Therefore, the Tower of London gives out 62 gun salute in the honour of a new royal family member. Other than that, the 62 gun salute is performed every year on Queen’s birthday as well.

Presence of midwives

No royal baby is born without the presence of midwives. Although the birth takes place in a hospital nowadays the protocol still says that midwives need to present every time a royal baby comes into this world.

Baby’s gender can’t be revealed before birth

Though sometimes the parents know which gender their baby is going to be but public is always left clueless about the same. The sex of the baby is only revealed once the royal baby is born. Social media has already started wondering if Prince Harry and Megan Markle are going to have a boy or a girl.

Special water and family heirlooms for the christening ceremony

The royal newborn has to be only dressed in one specific heirloom while the christening ceremony is performed. The original gown is preserved in the royal archives and not only this, the protocol also mentions that the christening water has to be taken from River Jordan and nowhere else. River Jordan is commonly known as Jesus' place of baptism.

The silver-gilted bowl which was used for Queen Victoria’s first born baby’s baptism has been also preserved for decades and is the only one which is used every time a royal baby’s christening ceremony takes place.

Family tree names

Have you ever wondered why all the royals keep using the same names from their own family tree? Yes, because that’s a protocol as well. They cannot invent any new names for the newborn. Also, the royals generally have three to four first names and no last name. Take Prince George for example, his full name is George Alexander Louis, which is said to be named after The Queen's Father, the late King George VI, Prince Charles' great uncle, Lord Louis Mountbatten and The Queen, whose name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary.

Maternity leaves applicable

Since being a royal is their official job, the new patents can chose to take a leave after their baby is born. It could typically last six months for the mother.

Announcement by a town-crier

Just like the olden times when a town-crier used to announce every important news to the public ok the UK; it still happens right before the newborn makes his/her first public appearance.

Evidently, we cannot contain our excitement after Megan Markle and Prince Harry announced that they are expecting their first baby next spring. We wish lots of happiness and health to our favourite royal couple.

Stay tuned for more such celebrity life updates!

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