5 Stylish beard styles every man should try this winter season!


Well, it’s a proven fact that most girls are attracted towards men with facial hair. Men have this ideology that sporting a beard could make them look more mature, cool or even intelligent. The beard trend gains popularity for a certain time every year, especially in winter when keeping one is much-convenient.

The beard trend is definitely here to stay and we absolutely love to see men taking more efforts just to groom their facial hair. If you're planning to grow one or want to style up your existing beard; here are best 5 beard styles which all men should definitely try out for enhancing the way they look.


You must have seen the Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. rocking the Balbo look since many years now. For achieving the same look, let your beard and moustache fully developed and after that, just shave off the hair from both sides.

Long Stubble

Doesn't matter if you have long or short hair, stubble suit every man. However, it could be a little more challenging to maintain as you have to keep trimming every two weeks after the length of the beard reaches around 6 mm. Jake Gyllenhaal is often spotted with this style of beard.

Medium Stubble

When you trim your facial hair until it is approximately 3 to 5 mm long, making sure your beard does not go beyond the neck area, is what defined as medium stubble. This is the most preferred style opted by men these days and surely makes them look well-groomed. Go for this style if you wish to up your style quotient or makybe take some tips from Fawad Khan.

Van Dyke

While keeping the full moustache, shave the beard on your chin region in a shape of an inverted "T" for achieving this style. This particular style of beard is the most difficult one to carry as it needs to be groomed very often and you confidence to slay this. Check out Brad Pitt looking oh-so-hot in this villain style beard!

Full Beard

This trend gained more popularity after actor Ranveer Singh sported this style of beard in Padmaavat, where he essayed the role of Alauddin Khalji. A well-groomed full beard can make a man look even more attractive as it emphasizes on your other facial features in a much better way. Just stop shaving for the next 5 months and trim it occasionally after that to maintain the look.

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