Happy Birthday Dream Girl: Interesting facts about the timeless beauty Hema Malini!


Bollywood's Dream Girl, Hema Malini, turns 70 today. We have seen the gorgeous beauty in various roles, from being an actor, dancer to a politician too; Hema Malini has always managed to try something new and impress us all. Though she no more works in the movies, Malini still manages to look stunning as ever!

Chal Dhanno... Aaj teri Basanti ki izzat ka sawaal hai!

You might not know this but Hema Malini was rejected by veteran Tamil director CV Sridhar because she wasn't really 'star material' and the role fell in the laps of Jayalalitha! Well, the joke's on him because Hema Malini knew she would do wonders, one day. She made her acting debut in the Tamil industry with a film Ithu Sathiyam in 1963 and since then, Hema never looked back. Starting off like any other average person, she later worked in a film Pandava Vanavasam in 1965.

However, it was only after her performances in movies like  Seeta Aur Geeta, Sholay, Dream Girl, Satte Pe Satta, Amir Garib, Prem Nagar, Khushboo, Sanyasi, Mehbooba, Kinara and Meera that Hema Malini got the Bollywood’s “Dream Girl" tag! Also, she was one of the very few female actresses, who were comfortable wearing bell bottoms and shirts on the 70 mm screen!

As stated in her autobiography "Hema Malini: The Authorized Biography", Hema was approached with marriage proposals by legendary actors Sanjeev Kumar and Jeetendra but it was our He-Man Dharmendra who won her heart! We've seen them dazzling on-screen, starting with Sharafat in 1970. Dharmendra and Hema tied the knot in 1979, only after converting to Islam.

As we all know that Dharmendra was a married man when he entered the film industry. He married Prakash Kaur in 1954 and had four children with her- Sunny, Bobby, Vijeeta, and Ajeeta Deol. But he couldn't really resist Malini's charm and decided to marry her although his first wife did not want a divorce. Their love story still remains to be one of the most talked out stories of all time. Now, they are proud parents of two daughters Esha and Ahana.

FUN FACT: Shah Rukh Khan is what he is because of Hema Malini. You ask why? Actually, after watching SRK in Fauji (TV Serial), Hema decided to sign him for Dil Ashana Hai (1992) which is also her directorial debut.

Now Hema Malini enjoys her time with family, daughters, and grandchildren but her desire to learn new things is pretty much intact. In a recent interview, she expressed her wish to learn Salsa. “I’ve done all Indian style of dance. Few western movements also I’ve done in films and all. But the form or style that I want to learn would be Salsa,” Hema said.

Hema Malini is a glorious dancer and has received training in Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam. She owns the Natya Vihar Kalakendra dance school as well.

Happy Birthday, Hema Ji!

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