HBD Bollywood's empress SriDevi: Throwback to her outlandish love-affair with Boney Kapoor!


Today is the birthday of one of the most prominent Bollywood figures, late actress Sridevi. The whole world was left in darkness when Chandni took her last breath on 24th February, 2018. After working in more than 300 movies including some of the most famous Hindi, Tamil and Telugu movies of all times, SriDevi unfortunately died on account of accidental drowning.

it came as a shock when I realised that my husband was in love with somebody else...

Where the whole Bollywood was mourning there was a person who was more than sad with the news of Sridevi's death; Sri's husband and Bollywood director-producer, Boney Kapoor. If you are a Bollywood fan then you must be aware about the outlandish love-affair of Boney and Sridevi. Referred as Bollywood's first power-couple, Boney and Sridevi's relationship had to face tons of criticism from family, friends and fans as Boney was a much married man when Sridevi entered his life.

In order to remember late actress Sridevi on her birthday, here is everything to knowabout the outlandish love-affair of Boney Kapoor and Sridevi:


The story of Sridevi and Boney Kapoor's eternal love began in 1987, right before the release of Anil Kapoor and Sridevi starrer Mr. India. Bollywood director-producer Boney Kapoor saw Sridevi and fell in love with her. In no time, Sridevi became friends with Mona Kapoor (Boney’s first wife). She was staying at Mona and Boney’s house and used to consider Boney as her brother (when Mithun and Sridevi were together, Mithun made Sridevi tie a rakhi to Boney). It was then that the affair started.

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Love Affair

Before anyone else knew, Sridevi broke up with Mithun and started hanging out with much-married Boney Kapoor. Soon they started loving each other and Sridevi gave birth to Boney's first child with Sri, daughter Janhvi. News broke out that Sridevi is pregnant with Boney's child which broke a million hearts including that of Mona, Arjun and Anushla Kapoor. For decades, Mona remained Boney's legally wedded wife and Sridevi was Boney's mistress. Against all the odds and criticism, Sridevi and Boney stood still for justifying their relationship.

Temple Marriage

All the fans began accusing Sridevi of breaking Mona's perfect home but Sridevi hardly paid ay attention to the criticism. Sridevi boldly stated the fact that she was in love with Boney and so was Boney. In 1996, Sridevi and Boney had a simple temple wedding. And Boney left his first wife, Mona and kids, Arjun and Anshula. Boney's first wife Mona was completely shattered with this relationship, she said: "He (Boney) was 10 years older to me. I was 19 when I married him. So I literally grew up with him. Ours was a 13-year-old marriage. So it came as a shock when I realised that my husband was in love with somebody else... There was nothing left in the relationship to give it a chance because Sridevi was already with a child."

Mona and Kids

Where many would say that Sridevi's actions were justified as she was in love there are many who accused Sri of being a vamp in Boney's life. Soon after Boney moved to Sridevi's house, things started getting worse for director-producer. t also stated that there was this one incident where Boney met his first wife Mona and took his children, Arjun and Anshula out on a picnic. This made Sridevi so angry that she started abusing Boney. A neighbour heard Sridevi yelling: "You b-, you @!#*!#!. How can you do this to me? If you love your kids and wife so much then why don't you shift back into that house again? You cheat, you liar..." It won't wrong to say that Sridevi was afraid of losing the love of her life, Boney Kapoor.

Soon both the families grew up with the fact that Boney Kapoor had two wives; Sridevi and Mona. Boney's four children: Arjun, Anshula, Janhvi and Khushi have their backs for the rest of their lives. Stay tuned for more Celebrity related updates

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