Here are some lessons from star Diljit Dosanjh's lifestyle: HBD Sardaar!


There is no one left in India, who doesn't have the ‘Diljit-fever’! This talented boy from Punjab has made the world dance off on his brilliant songs and if that wasn't enough, he made us go gaga with his Bollywood debut Udta Punjab! Aren't we all in love with him a little too much? Yes we are!

A very happy birthday Diljit Dosanjh!

If you guys still don't agree with us, then wait. Here we are going to give us some legit reasons which make him the cutest and the most irresistible Sardaar ever to enter Bollywood. Have a look:

International Jatt

Diljeet Dosanjh

It won't be wrong to call him a global performer and entertainer as he is already worldwide popular. According to his official Instagram account, DIljeet recently visited the headquarters of Social app giant, Snapchat.

Jolly Jatt

Diljeet Dosanjh

Evidently, if a person is Punjabi then he/she has ample of jolliness. And Diljeet is not an exception. Being a Punjabi, he has jolliness in his bones.

Fit Jatt

Diljeet Dosanjh

Fitness is the mantra to a healthy lifestyle. And Diljeet forbids compromising health. Therefore, he likes to visit gym daily for an exhausting workout sessions.

His humbleness

Diljeet Dosanjh

There is not much to say about the humbleness of this acting/singing star. He likes to initiate social campaigns such as 'Anti-Drug Campaign' in Punjab.


Diljeet Dosanjh

It is very important to keep visiting new places for find your inner-self. Diljeet loves wandering through new and exciting streets at unknown places.

I told you, after reading this you will agree with us because he is the best, we know! Now without wasting time go listen to ‘Do you Know’ again and again and again tonight because it’s His birthday!!

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