Here is how a drug-addict, renegade became Ironman: HBD Tony Stark!


The highest paid actor all around the world, Ironman star Robert Downey Jr. has turned 42 today and all the Marvel's fans are losing their calm. Hollywood star Robert, 42 has undoubtedly brought some of the most remarkable characters to life in the history of cinema.

Failure is periodic until you tell yourself so!

Not many fans would know that Robert started his career at a young age of five. Also, he is the son to one of the most talented directors of Hollywood, Robert Downey Sr. By the time Jr. was eight, he was already addicted to drugs and by the age of 17, Robert dropped out of Santa Monica High School, California for pursuing acting as a career. After being kicked out of numerous films and being trialed for a lawsuit regarding drug-violation, Robert Downey completely lost hope. So, how did he manage to become the highest paid actor of all times?

Here is a list of some highlights from the early life and struggle of Ironman star, Robert Downey Jr:

Debut at the age of 5

It won't be wrong to say that Robert Downey Jr. has acting in his veins. His father Robert Downey Sr. is one of the most talented directors of all time. Some his best works include Putney Swope, Too much sun and rented lips. You would be surprised to know that Robert Downey Jr made his debut at the age of 5 in the movie 'Pound' which was directed by his father.

Drug Violation

As per the sources, Robert got indulged into drugs by the age of six for which he blames his father. By the time he was 8, Robert was addicted to drugs. Drugs became a serious issue in his life due to which he was also sent to jail many times. Due to his drug addiction, he was kicked out of many projects including American TV show 'Alley McBeal'. Soon, he was arrested for the possession of drugs. 

Coming clean

After two drug arrests in 2000 and 2001, Downey Jr. decided to come clean and sober in 2003. Sherlock Holmes star knew that he would have to start building his career again from scratch. But with his consistent efforts and god-gifted talent, Robert again started winning hearts and finally got a role in and as 2008 hit movie 'Ironman'.

Japan detention

During the world wide promotions of Ironman in 2008, Robert traveled to Japan for the movie's premiere. You would be surprised to know that he was detained for 6 hours at the Narita International Airport in Tokyo for his legal troubles in the past. It seems like Robert's past was not ready to leave him anytime soon.

Highest Paid Actor

After Sherlock and Ironman, Robert did not look back at his past. Not many would know that two his movies i.e., Ironman 3 and Avengers both grossed more than 1 Billion dollar at the box-office. Soon, Robert topped the Forbes list of Hollywood's highest-paid actors with an estimated 75 million dollars in earnings between June 2012 and June 2013.

And since then Robert Downey Jr. has been on the top of the top and we couldn't want more for him. On the eve of his birthday, we wish him all the very best for his future life and upcoming projects. Stay tuned for more lifestyle related updates.

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