Here's an insight to actress Mini Mathur and Kabir Khan's colorful nest!


Asian Paints has returned with new celebrity hosts who give an insight to their homes for the second season. The first season was indeed, a hit by featuring houses of celebrities like Irrfan Khan, Kangana Ranaut and many more.

The house gives me my own view of the sky

However this time, they have covered the beautiful yet earthly home of the most humble director Kabir Khan and his wife Mini Mathur. A wise man once said, "A home reflects the personality of its residents". And we already know about how down-to-earth, humble and joyous this couple is and none-the-less is their cozy home in the midst of Mumbai suburbs.

Their house is just as warming as this celebrity couple itself; colorful, charming yet warm. They admitted that the decor has been personally done by the couple itself. Both of the stars took time from their busy-lives for hand-picking each and every article which is there in their home.

One of the major attractions of Mini's cozy nest is the splendid use of antique furniture. The whole house is designed in a rustic-feel. It doesn't only look beautiful but also spares a lot of effort while cleaning.

As per the color-scheme of the house, Mini explained "It (the house) has a lot of color because that's what I am obsessed with - I think all spaces must have a color that reflects how you're feeling."

Furniture has been picked very carefully keeping the rustic-feel in mind while designing the home. The center-table which you see in the image below is around 85-years-old and has been fetched from Kabir's ancestral home in Lucknow.

The coloring scheme is very natural and bright yet solid so that it never runs out of fashion. Their home is the perfect example of a 'timeless art'.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan director said that terrace balcony is bliss. Kabir says, "Open terrace is worth its weight in gold" to which Mini agreed by saying "the house gives me my own view of the sky."

From table to flower vases; everything is designed to match the personality of this humble-Bollywood-family. Hence, this house is the precise reflection of Kabir Khan and Mini Mathur.

Now, you have an idea of how to transform a house into a home. Stay tuned for more celebrity related updates.

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