Javed Akhtar hopes Ghalib and the Taj Mahal never fade away!


Acclaimed Bollywood writer-lyricist Javed Akhtar believes the work of prominent Urdu and Persian-language poet Mirza Ghalib could have only found meaning in India. Akhtar interacted with media personalities at the inauguration of Ghalib’s mural in Mumbai.

“Ghalib wouldn’t have been possible out of India. His thoughts and work could have only found meaning here, not in some other country,” he said. He further said that Ghalib and the Taj Mahal are “synthesis” of Indian philosophy and Persian culture.

“Ghalib is a marvellous synthesis of Indian philosophy and Persian and Mughal culture’s sophistication. The only other example of this is Taj Mahal because even that is a mixture of Indian and other civilisations, that later became one with India, that have been sowed in the land," he said.

Before signing off, Javed shed some light on why combinations like Ghalib and the Taj Mahal should always been preserved. “This combination shouldn’t fade away. Urdu or Persian alone couldn’t have given birth to Ghalib. Only Vedanth also couldn’t have done that either. It is a combination of both,” he added.

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