Legendary writer Salim Khan: One man, two-wives, five-kids and a billion hearts!


When we think about Bollywood, the first name that comes to our minds is the-undenied-superstar, Salman Khan. We adore the Bajrangi Bhaijaan actor for his professionalism and charm. But no one ever pays attention to how he became 'Salman Khan'!

Cannot exactly say whether he was madly in love with Helen, but he knew her for so long that he had to honour his relationship with her

Well, the secret behind Salman Khan is his hard work and a major part of Salim Khan. The legendary writer Salim Khan who penned down numerous memorable and blockbuster hits including Sholay, Deewar, Zanjeer and others, presented his son, Salman with the finest upbringing for making him what he is today. Although veteran writer Salim never talks much at public appearances but his scripts recite all the tales that this fine man has to tell.

Today, we will try our best in paying homage to the legendary writer Salim Khan by acknowledging his love-life. It is amazing to see how Salim beautifully manages to handle both of his wives; Sushila Charak and Helen. But hardly anyone ever admires the simplicity and honesty of Salman's old man with which he has been living till now.

Born on 24th November 1935 in Indore Salim Khan chose the entertainment industry as a career in his early 30s. Hailing from a rich family of Afghans, he got his first break as an actor in 1960's hit movie Baraat. Later, Salim realized that acting was not his cup of the tea and started writing super-hit scripts.

Zanjeer writer Salim Khan married twice in his life and is still by their side. Salim's whole family including Salman, Arbaaz, Sohail, Helen, Salma (Sushila) and his grand children, live under the same roof and with utmost love and passion for each other. If this is not inspirational then what is?

Salma (Sushila Charak) and Salim Khan

First love is always unforgettable, say people. But Salim Khan has proved to the world that first love must never be forgotten. Salim and Sushila dated for five years before Salim tied the knot with her in 1969. The daughter of a Dogra Rajput father and a Maharashtrian mother, Sushila met Salim in 1958 when Salim was not an established name in the industry. Soon after their marriage, Sushila was renamed Salma. After marriage couple had three sons from their marriage Salman Khan (1965), Arbaaz Khan (1967) and Sohail Khan (1969) and a daughter Alvira Khan (1970).

Helen and Salim Khan

Although Salim was happy and complete with his wife, Salma and three children but life has other plans for the writer. During work, Salim got inclined towards 80s hit dancer, Helen who was equally in love with him. And even before Salim knew, the duo was indulged in an extra-marital affair. After numerous internal debates, Salim along with Salma and rest of the family agreed to the relationship of Helen and Salim. The duo tied the knot in 1980.

A source close to the Khans mentioned in an interview earlier: “Cannot exactly say whether he was madly in love with Helen, but he knew her for so long that he had to honour his relationship with her.“

But unlike conventional Indian families and societal norms, Salim managed to convince his family for helping with the same. However, there is no denying of the fact that Salman was heart broke after acknowledging Salim's second-love but she never broke. Salma stood by his husband and children, irrespective of what Salim had done.

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