Madhuri Dixit’s Birthday Special: Birthday Girl’s beautiful journey with Shriram Nene


The actress with a million-dollar smile and moves that could kill, Madhuri Dixit is considered as a celebration in India with her latka-jhatka songs, deadly thumkas and tear-jerking movies. The dhak-dhak sensation of India romanced many superstars and gave us a lump in the throat with each romantic scene. Devdas recent Chandramukhi broke a million hearts when she got hitched at the pinnacle of glory. 

Dr. Nene was Madhuri’s brother choice for his sister to marry.

Everyone in B-town and  people across the nation were astonished to hear that the superhit actress was going to ditch her successful career to get married to her prince charming. By the way, do you know the story behind Madhuri Dixit’s marriage coming alive? Well, here it goes.madhuri dixit nene

As we all know the beautiful actress prefers to keep her personal life under wraps, but being one of her avid fans, we couldn’t resist asking for some juicy tidbits about her marriage story. Here’s what she revealed. It is widely known that Dr Shriram Nene is a very talented, dapper and handsome cardiothoracic surgeon. But how they got married? Read on to find more.madhuri dixit nene

Love was in the reach of her hands yet she was unknown to it. It is believed that Dr Nene used to be dear friend of Madhuri’s brother Ajit Dixit who resided in the United States of America. He requested her to meet him just once and voila, today they are inseparable. They started meeting frequently to know each other better. After seeing each other for three good months, they decided to tie the knot. madhuri dixit nene

Madhuri was asked why she chose to get married at the peak of her career, this is what she had to say. “Because I was in love.” It’s inevitable to translate true love into marriage. This is the next step when you’ve met the right man, isn’t it?madhuri dixit nene

Madhuri Dixit was already working on some projects when she got hitched. She exhibited great professionalism as she returned to Bollywood from a ‘10 day honeymoon in Hawaii’ to complete her pending assignments. Dr. Nene supported her in completing her work after marriage. After completion of her assignments, ‘Nisha’ took a flight with her Prince Charming to a happy married life away from the entertainment fraternity.madhuri dixit nene

Like everyone else, Madhuri and Shriram Nene’s married life has also seen some difficult times but they were mature enough to seek the middle ground for mutual growth. They epitomize a happy marriage, whatsoever. So, what’s the secret of her happy marriage? The gorgeous actress says, “Part of a successful relationship is knowing when to give and take.”

She says her heart was thumping when went grocery chopping in the US but she felt an air of freedom there. Yes, ladies, she went grocery shopping like any other married woman. Having spent a massive 12 years in the USA, Madhuri ended her sabbatical to return to B-town in Mumbai with her husband and kids. Changing locations meant adjustments. Now she planned to get back on professional ladder. She preferred television over movies because it would allow her sufficient amount of time to spend with her little kids. On the other hand, Dr. Nene opted to work in Municipal hospital despite getting inundated with lucrative offers from good medical colleges to heal patients who cannot afford expensive medical treatment. Today, they are spending a very harmonious time with their two sons, Arin and Rayaan, in Mumbai.madhuri dixit nene

Don’t they make a perfect couple? Did we hear a loud yes? Today is Madhuri Dixit’s birthday. We wish her the world’s happiness and everlasting union with her hubby. Wishing her success would sound foolish because she has been enthroned on the peak of glory. All in all, knowing her love story with her dashing husband Dr. Shriram Nene was a total treat. What do you say?

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