Meghan Markle is setting up new benchmarks for the Royal family


The grand Royal wedding of Harry and Meghan left us awestruck. The newlyweds make their love just so evident. The Royal Wedding’s are bliss to watch as it seems like a fairytale.  Everybody around the world experienced the wedding even when they weren’t present at the wedding.

The Royal wedding took place at St George's Chapel, Windsor on 19 May 2018

Meghan looked no less than a princess on her doomsday. Her simple yet elegant gown and minimal make-up look made her look just so adorable. Apart from being an outstanding actress, she is first a strong independent woman too who knows how to run the world. Royal families have a set of rules and regulations, hampering which is unimaginable. Once you become a part of the Royal family, you have all the eyes on you. Meghan was expected to follow those protocols like all the Royal family members but the Lady chose to go her way, let’s see how-

She chose to tie her hair up in messy buns

The women of the Royal Family are expected to cover their heads with hats or carry an elegant hairstyle but after Meghan’s engagement, she was found attending occasions with her hair tied messily in a bun.

She wore a crossbody bag

The women of Royal Family are expected to present themselves in a classy and formal way. They are seen carrying clutches in their hand but Meghan was seeing wearing a crossbody bag.

She walked down solo to Harry

Meghan is the first bride in the history of Royal weddings, who walked down her aisle by herself.

She chose not to wear nude stockings for her engagement photo shoot

The women of the Royal family are expected to keep themselves covered but Meghan wore a knee length dress without wearing nude color pantyhose under the dress.

We don’t know if Meghan is doing it intentionally or unintentionally but we know that sometimes change is good. Stay tuned for more Celebrity Life updates.

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