Rihanna is winning hearts since ages now and it’s time that we appreciate her bad-b**ch attitude!


Rihanna is DA BOMB! Harsh, bold and galling; these are the words that simply describe our kick-ass queen Rihanna. With her head held high and bright, Rihanna surely doesn't think twice before keeping her mind forward. She's the epitome of strong and empowered woman, who lives her luxurious life on her own terms with her happy family. Who doesn't wish for a life like that?

Rihanna is all caught up with her upcoming album Dancehall

Rihanna is everything that we girls, wish to achieve. She's about her unapologetic nature and brazen demeanour and maybe, that's exactly what we love about her.

Walking down the red carpet with the man of her dreams, without giving a f*ck about anything is the kind of boss lady attitude that we all require.

So, all you Rihanna fans, here are some of her free spirit times which prove that she is the ultimate Queen!

Only Rihanna can pull of a Swarovski dress at the CFDA Awards

When she showed olidarity with the Ferguson protests in her song, American Oxygen

When asked what's her best part about visiting White House earlier, she said, "My President being black.”

Finally, way before 50 Shades of Grey it was Rihanna with S&M

Rihanna is perff!

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