Sexy Shades of Robert Downey Junior will make your heads turn


Suave, sexy and sophisticated are the words that describe the coolest Iron Man of our favourite Avenger series. His journey from being a brat to the inspiring Hollywood icon is very overwhelming. Everything about Robert Downey Jr. is so darn masochistic and sexy that steals our hearts with a winked smile.

Robert Downey Junior is a privileged member of Hollywood’s 20 Million Club.

Robert Downey Junior is known for making jaw-dropping style statements. You must have spotted the talented actor in various sunglasses. His shades of red, blue, purple and what not makes women swoon over him. Apart from his suited & booted style which guys would love to steal and crack just like Iron man’s way, I’m here to unveil the handsome actor’s shades worth drooling over.  

Breezing Bluesrobert downey junior

RDJ certainly knows how to ace the fashion game with his classy blue shades.

Fiery Redsrobert downey junior

I haven’t seen any other man don those fiery red sunnies with such ease and finesse, like our very own Robert Downey Junior.

Twin Magicrobert downey junior

How I love those twin-shaded sunglasses with a fading effect. The handsome actor looks like a dream come true in these shades. 

Regal Purplerobert downey junior

Only a real man like our Downey Jr. can sport a royal pair of lilac sunglasses as this one in the picture. 

Elegant Lilacsrobert downey junior

Now this is a perfectly subtle blend of lilac colour fading into the transparent shade. That elegant black frame is what defines sophistication which is the middle name of Robert Downey Junior. 

Doesn’t he melt our hearts with those swanky shades? He looks dapper, dashing and drop-dead desirable in those trendy sunglasses. If I were a man, then I would definitely crack his style code and flaunt it across the streets. But dudes, you have the luxury to grab these sunglasses and display your panache everywhere. 

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