Super-Hot Salman Khan is Our Dream Date for Valentine- See Pics


Words are not enough to describe the style, hotness and charm of B-Town’s very own sultan, our Bhaijaan Salman Khan. There’s something phenomenal about his swagger, his charming demeanour, his trendy clothes and the list could go on forever.  Girls adored Salman from the moment they saw his bare torso in Maine Pyar Kiya –his debut film to his 'Oh-oh –Jaane-Jaana' days to now… the magic stays till date.

People’s Magazine has enlisted Salman as one of the most handsome men ever in the world.

Just recently somebody asked,  'with whom would you like to get stuck in an elevator?' my answer came, Salman Khan. He looks dapper in a crisp white shirt with denims. Besides, Sallu looks better off without a shirt. His perfect six-pack abs makes us weak in the knees. Salman Khan is hotness personified. Don’t you guys agree? 

Prem’s Boyish Charm

Salman Khan

Salman’s boyish charm melted our hearts with a perfect love-story of Maine Pyar Kiya. Raw, young and sexy, Prem became every girl-next-door’s dream date. 

Shirtless Salman 

Salman Khan

How do you spend the hottest day? Well, Salman went shirtless for the sensational song, ‘O O Jaane Jaana’ where women were running after him, literally. Remember those 'Karan Arjun' days where Sallu showed off his bare torso in a song that drew a lot of praiseworthy attention. 

Hottie with Kiddo

Salman Khan

There couldn’t be a more beautiful sight than watching a very handsome Salman sans shirt with a cutie-pie kid sharing a candid moment together. Now that’s what you call a hottie with a cutie kiddo. 

The Robust Sultan

Salman Khan

Salman doesn’t need to prove he can do anything impossible in this world. With Sultan, Salman metamorphosed his already chiseled physique to the next-level powerful wrestler ‘Sultan’. We remained in this super-robust avatar for a few months.

The Rugged & Sexy Tiger

Salman Khan

We love all things macho, guns and action when it comes to our favourite Salman Khan who has always conquered hearts with his versatile roles. Tiger Zinda Hai, we loved to see Salman doing some full-throttle action in those trendy khaki look. Didn’t he look ruggedly sexier while riding a black horse in a still from Tiger Zinda Hai? Of course, it was magical.   

Salman Khan is loved, adored and admired by critics and fans for the beautiful human being that he is. Yes, controversies seem to love him. Agreed, that this handsome guy has got court cases to attend. Nobody chooses to be a part of a catastrophe and nobody should judge without knowing the real story. However, the commendable charity work and philanthropy committed by Sallu Bhai should not be forgotten. Tiger Zinda Hai superstar is probably one of few actors whose career-graph soars irrespective of hits or flops. 


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