The Gucci ArtLab in Florence is a majestic view of creativity and sustainability


Gucci, the Italian brand is on a different high altogether. This highest-selling Italian luxury brand of fashion and leather goods has also successfully created its mark for itself in the restaurant business, home decor and it's very own museum. However, it's still not good enough. Apparently, Gucci has launched the Gucci ArtLab with the aim of experimenting with leather goods and footwear products. That's a huge step as a brand’s creative expansion, right?

Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten

In 2018, Gucci has excelled, they've pushed new boundaries and look how great it has turned out. The Gucci restaurant, Gucci Osteria is a bond between great minds; Michelin-starred chef Massimo Bottura and Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele. It is known for serving the best Italian classics like tortellini, pork buns and mushroom risottos, without a designer price tag.

"Traveling the world, our kitchen interacts with everything we see, hear and taste," Bottura said in a statement while talking about Gucci Osteria. "With eyes wide open, we look for the unexpected and next éclat."

The Gucci Décor, on the other hand, showcases a wide range of luxury throw pillows, armchairs and porcelain scented candles with some of the brand’s signature animal motifs incorporated in them. “The idea is not to prescribe a particular decorative look, but to provide elements that allow for living spaces to be customized," Alessandro Michele said in a statement.

Spanning over a 37,000-square-metre hub, this all-new Gucci ArtLab is situated near the historical HQ of the brand in Casellina just outside Florence. With a workforce of more than 900 people, this ArtLab is the ultimate house of product development, lab testing and sampling activity for leather goods, new materials, metal hardware, and packaging.

Taking Gucci ArtLab to new heights will be Creative Director Alessandro Michele, who will work on some of the most popular Gucci products, keeping in mind their sustainability.

“The unveiling of Gucci ArtLab definitely represents one of the most remarkable achievements of Gucci’s unprecedented journey of the last three years and one of the most significant industrial investments today in our country. It is a testament to our belief in creativity, artisanal craftsmanship, innovation and technology, and sustainability, and our bond with our territory”, said Marco Bizzarri, President and CEO of Gucci in a statement.

"I couldn’t be more grateful to all those who have made this dream come true, from the local and national authorities to Kering, to all of our colleagues who have been so visionary in absorbing new ideas from best-practice all around the world, to further strengthen our leadership,” he added.

The pictures don't do justice to this place. The beautiful decor also features paintings by Gucci collaborators and artists Ignasi Monreal, Angelica Hicks and Unskilled Worker. The laboratory consists of bright colors, a red staircase, and some items from Gucci Decor.

"Gucci ArtLab is the perfect expression of the corporate culture that we have been building and nurturing within the company. It is the tangible expression of a place to learn skills and techniques, a workshop to generate ideas, and ideas are the lifeblood of culture," concluded Bizzarri.

Gucci has been on a roll since the beginning of this year. With the opening of it’s first Gucci Garden in January, in Piazza Signoria, and then its historical headquarters in Casellina starting on a progressive transformation to reinforce its industry-leading role. Now, this ArtLab is just a just proof of their commitment towards sustainability after announcing that the house was going fur-free in October 2017.

(Picture Courtesy: Gucci)

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