The World of Mystery is defined by her: Agatha Christie


The book lovers can never miss to read in the genre of mystery and crime. The most well known name that goes through our mind when the word ‘mystery’ occurs is that of Agatha Christie. She was the author of best-selling mystery novels of all times. The books written by her have been translated in nearly 40 languages and with almost four billion copies of her novels sold worldwide, making her one of the most popular writers in history. The sale of her books is only beaten by the legendary writer, William Shakespeare.

Agatha Christie's most of the fictional characters were inspired from real life

Born: September 15, 1890 in Torquay, Devon

Died: January 12, 1976 in Wallingford, Oxfordshire


Agatha was the youngest of the three siblings. Growing up in Devon, the author started reading by the time she turned five. Her elder siblings were sent away for education, while Agatha was homeschooled by her parents. Her interest in writing poetry and playing music was developed in a young age and even though she had a comfortable and not a rich family background, she quoted once that she is lucky to have "a very happy childhood" in her autobiography.

The writer had a breakdown with the demise of her father in 1901. Later she started with her formal education. In 1910, she wrote her first short story, "The house of Dreams" but it was published quite late in 1926. This year was however a rather hard year for the author as her mother died and her husband out of nowhere announced that he wants to leave her for some other woman he loves. Overcoming the loss she suffered, Agatha finally in 1928 completed with one of the most famous novels, "The Mystery of the Blue Train".

A fact that is not known to many is that after two years of Agatha's divorce, she visited an archaeologist site in Ur, near Baghdad and there is met with an archaeologist- Max Mallowan. Even though he was 14 years junior to the writer, the true love of the couple resulted in their marriage in September, 1930. It was just after six months of their first meeting. Life had been troublesome for Agatha, but she found her peace by remarrying with Max.

The wave that was initiated with her mystery novels, continued and she wrote the popular detective novels that are appreciated even today including; Murder on the Orient Express (1934); Death on the Nile (1937) and Appointment with Death (1938).

Agatha's heath began to decline in 1970s and she died in the first month of 1976. The surprising fact that lies is her first novel, "Sleeping Murder: Miss Marple's Last Case" was published after her death in October of 1976.


The two characters that have featured in dozens of Agatha's novels include Poirot and Marple. Poirot has appeared in the famous novels like, Murder of Roger Ackroyd, The Mystery of the Blue Train (1928) and Death in the Clouds (1935). However, Miss Marple has appeared in the notable works like, The Moving Finger (1942) and A Pocket Full of Rye (1953).

Major Works

Agatha gained most of her success through her plays and novels. Agatha released her novel, "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd" which was marked as a genre classic and an all time favourite novel around the World. This novel stands out from her other works and it breaks the trust the readers have on the protagonist of the novel. Interesting, right? Moreover, many of her novels turned out to be super hit movies during the 1960s and 1970s. Among these novels turned movies, the ones that received the highest appreciation were ‘Witness for the Prosecution’ in 1957 and ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ in 1974.

In the year 1971, Agatha received the honour name "Dame of the British Empire". This title was given by the King or the Queen to those who have provided with extraordinary services to the country.

Even with the death of this famous author, she remained immortal in our hearts forever. If you have not read her novels, you are missing up on a lot!

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