These weird habits of the B-Town celebs will shock you


All of us have that one habit which may be normal to us but weird to others. People are not usually open about their weird habits but talking about celebs nothing is personal for them even if they try not to be open about their life. If a common man has a habit of bathing on the terrace (an open area) then nobody would consider it weird but if a celeb namely Sushmita Sen has this habit then it is weird for the people. Everybody is obsessed with their habit and don’t want to change it because others think that it’s weird.

Nobody on this earth can deny of having a habit which is weird

We all have some of the other quirky habits that make us different from the others and sometimes our strange habits match with someone else too. Great people mostly have something strange about them as the history says. It hardly matters if people think that a person has a funky habit, it is a sign of uniqueness for that person. But yes as long as that habit doesn’t affect others, it is ok to follow your habit. Here are some weird eating habits of your favorite celebs-


The iconic actor Jeetendra has a habit of eating a bowl full of fruits while he is pooping. Jeetuji takes his bowl full of papaya when he is suffering from constipation. This is so kinky he eats while sitting on the WC inside the toilet.

Tiger Shroff

Jai Hemant Shroff aka Tiger Shroff has a habit of eating 8 eggs in breakfast. 8 eggs are way too much for breakfast. Actually for the whole day they are too much.

Shah Rukh Khan

The world famous King Khan doesn’t like getting clicked while eating. He hates it if anybody asks him for a selfie while he is having food. Shah Rukh doesn’t even like ice cream.

Salman Khan

Salman khan tends to eat piping hot leftovers after heating it in a pan also adding butter and pickle to it when he has had a long tiring day at work.

Siddharth Malhotra

We all have must have tried gulab jamun with ice cream. But this student of the year, Siddharth Malhotra loves to eat gulab jamun with mango pickle.

So you are not the only one, even these celebs who seems to be just so perfect on the big screen have these quirky habits that will leave you in a shock. Stay tuned for more Celebrity Life updates.Follow our Bollywood Magazine For Latest Bollywood News and Gossips.

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