Venom actor Tom Hardy welcomes second child with wife Charlotte, names him after a movie character!


Love and joy has reached Tom Hardy's residence in the form of his second child with wife Charlotte Riley. As per the reports, Venom actor's wife Riley delivered a baby boy who is named as Forrest by the 41-year-old Legend actor.

English actor Tom Hardy names his third son after Tom Hanks' iconic character, Forrest Gump

Although The Dark Knight Rises actor has yet to confirm about the same but recent reports suggest that the couple named their son after Tom Hanks' iconic character in 1994’s hit movie, Forrest Gump.

A source was quoted saying: “They love the name Forrest as it’s earthy and strong. Tom has always found the movie Forrest Gump very inspiring and enjoyable and thinks it fits.”

Earlier reports claim that Tom and actress-wife Charlotte became proud parents of their second off-spring in December, but kept it secret.

On a related note, Hardy who was last seen in Sony Pictures Entertainment production Venom has now become a father of three sons including Louis shared with former girlfriend Rachael Speed.

Earlier in July, Tom revealed how his 10-year-old son Louis inspired him to play the character of Venom. He said: “First and foremost I’m a dad. One of the things you come across as a father is a massive influx of stories brought to you after Fireman Sam by Spider-Mans and Venoms and Captain Americas. So, my son came to me with a specific character that he absolutely fell in love with.”

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