Before watching Sex Education, make sure you've watched these British comedy shows and movies on Netflix!


The British comedy is one of the funniest kinds- a perfect blend of irony, absurdism and most of all deadpan delivery! The British is quite well-known for their stiff upper lip kind of disposition, where over play of emotions is discouraged.

So if you are prepping up to watch Netflix's Sex Education, which released this Friday then you should probably do your homework first.

Here's a list of top British comedy shows and movies on Netflix that are a must to watch before Sex Education

The Inbetweeners

This series follows the life of four high school lads as they amazingly try and fail to make their way into adolescence.

The Bad Education Movie

Fruitless yet caring teacher takes his class of loudmouths and rejects on his last school trip to Cornwall. And beware because anything can happen!

The It Crowd

Revolving around three IT professionals who work together but do they really know what they're doing?

Shaun of the Dead

With no clue about where's his life is heading, Shaun ends up dealing with an entire community of zombies.

Bad Education

While he's the worst teach to ever be a part of the British education system, his students love for every reason! But how will that turn out to be?

So which one are you watching first? Let us know in the comments below.

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