Netflix Russian Doll review: Natasha Lyonne's latest TV show is highly engaging and thought-provoking!


Media service provider giant, Netflix's latest offering 'Russian Doll' is one of the best TV shows that have been launched in 2019. Co-created by Natasha Lyonne, Amy Poehler, and Leslye Headland, Russian Doll brilliantly mixes elements from the mystery of life and death.

If you are also curious for answers related to the mystery of life after death and existentialism then this TV show will keep you engaged. However, the first few episodes will make you sigh and that is when the narrative elaborates the plot.

Orange is the New Black actor, Natasha Lyonne essayed the role of lead character Nadia who is seen celebrating her 36th birthday. And then she dies. Simple, isn't it?

Well, no! Somehow Nadia finds herself stuck in a death loop. As soon as she dies, Nadia finds herself back at her 36th birthday party. No matter what choices Nadia make or which path she choose; she ends up dying. She begins questioning her surrounding for the same. She questions the joint she has been smoking, the staircase of the apartment building is declared a death trap in her head and even Oatmeal, her cat, feels like an omen of death.

Stuck in an endless loop, Nadia is surprised with what is happening to her. The rest of the show follows her journey in escaping the death loop. And then one day (by the end of episode 3), Nadia meets Alan played by Charlie Barnett.

The pace of the recently-released TV show picks up when Nadia finds out that she is not the only one who is stuck in a death loop. Now, Nadia finds a death-loop companion in Alan and both of them begin looking for answers as in how to end this thing.

This TV show drops a lot of hints related to the mystery of life and death but there are not precise answers presented to the audience. And we think an open ending is the best thing to reward the viewers who are left with a thinking mind.

As expected, Alan and Nadia decide to stay with each other while finding a way of the unending death loop. And there conquest is shown never-ending. We are damn sure that after watching the eighth i.e. the final episode, you will be scratching your head in order to know whether its next season will come or not.

In order to be honest, the eighth-episode long series, Russian Doll is quite complete with its incompleteness. But when talking about a Netflix venture, saying anything would be absurd as they are quite unpredictable when it comes to sequels.

As per our final verdict, we will like to award 8 out of 10 stars to the recently-released TV show, Russian Doll which is co-created by Natasha Lyonne, Amy Poehler, and Leslye Headland.

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