Tigers Review: Strong and impactful content meets Emraan Hashmi's powerful performance!


Soon after, Emraan Hashmi's international project, Tigers premiered at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival, movie critics began appreciating the same. Although the movie has now been transformed into a web-series on account of its controversial topic, still the reviews are overall in the favour of Emraan Hashmi starrer.

Emraan Hashmi starrer Tigers revovles around the social dilemma of unclean drinking water in the remote parts of Pakistan

Loosely based on real-life incidents, Tigers revolve around the life of a salesman who is newly recruited to a multi-national company. Emraan Hashmi plays the role of a Pakistani boy, Ayan who is recruited by a baby-food manufacturing company.

Ayan along with other potential salesmen, are referred as 'Tigers' on account of their aggressive sales approach towards the consumer. With utmost dedication, Ayan soon becomes one of the most successful salesmen of his company by selling the maximum number of products to the consumer.

On his way to the top, Ayan aka Emraan Hashmi also ropes in many doctors and health inspectors for building positive PR for his company. However, Ayan soon realises that his company's baby food solution has been killing poor kids throughout the nation. The poor parents which hardly get any clean water to drink, has been using dirty water for adding it to the baby food solution and feeding it to their babies.

As expected Ayan revolts back at his company who clearly declare that the fault is not in the product but the water being used while feeding it to the baby. And as it has been said in the trailer: “It’s an old story that is alive. It’s a story that keeps repeating itself”, Tigers recites an old story involving the importance of clean drinking water, in a way which is completely new,

A major part of the web-series deals with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Ayan begins his viyage in making corporate firms realise their duties towards the society. Director Danis Tanovic does a marvellous job in portraying a story which is known by everyone yet no one knows about the actual depth of the same issue.

Murder actor Emraan Hashmi looks compelling as a man who is constantly trying to make things better from his end. The story of the series is pretty thought-provoking and compelling itself and Hashmi's performance adds tons of stars to it.

Besides Emraan Hashmi, Tigers also features Khalid Abdalla, Geetanjali Thapa and Supriya Pathak in pivotal characters. As per our final verdict, we will like to award 8 out of 10 stars to the Zee5 Original web-series, Tigers.

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