How to live in a Capsule Wardrobe without getting noticed


It’s a universal fact that even if our wardrobe is loaded with clothes, we are never satisfied. Agree? You have to accept the fact that a fashionista knows how to wear limited number of outfits again without getting noticed. A capsule wardrobe implies limited clothes into your closet. I’m here to explain how to make the most of it.  

Kate Middleton has repeated dresses often despite an impressive beehive wardrobe.

If you can learn to use the limited resources properly, then you will certainly handle a massive wardrobe equally well.  This proves how smart you are. This puts your creativity levels to test. You’d have never realized how many outfits can come out from the capsule wardrobe.  

Gear up for Capsule-Wardrobe

capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe consists of a core collection of some basic outfits that go with everything in your closet. For example, a plain white shirt and tees, well-fitted jeans, a pair of straight-cut trousers, a coat, a biker/denim jacket. These essentials can be worn according to your style and personality. You can tweak the combinations, but the essence of capsule fashion remains the same. These core pieces are classic, simple and repeatable. 

Club 3-in-1 Clothes

capsule wardrobe

Try this easiest rule which has been used by stylists. According to this trick, wear solid outfits more than patterns and prints. Use it thrice a week. Prints are more noticeable than plain pieces. Try combining different sets with other basic pieces. This only reassures the need of a capsule wardrobe. 

Clever Experiments

capsule wardrobe

Like I said before, opt for slight variations between colours, textures, silhouettes, accessories etc. that will create new outfit combos. This is the quickest and simplest method of repeating clothes without any chance of getting noticed. For instance, wear your favourite floral dress with a nice jacket (leather or denim) matched with sneakers instead of the usual heels and necklace. 

Change hair and makeup

capsule wardrobe

If you normally leave hair braided then here’s something you need to do. Try a fringe hairdo with layers and leave your hair open. Pick the burgundy, ochre, wine or candy pink lipstick to compliment your outfits. If you wear specs, then wear a bold lipstick, kohled eyes and open hair. You can try some French, fishtail, dutch braids in case your normally leave hair untied. Use sleek and tiny hair accessories to complete the look. 

Take it easy even if you have to repeat clothes. Be audience-ready because no matter what you wear and when, people will always notice.  Given the fact that you can try some clever tricks to get unnoticed, you will always keep the fashion game up and cool. Even Her highness Kate Middleton has repeated clothes despite a queen-size wardrobe that busts the clichés related to repeating clothes. Next time, repeat in style and confidence so much that people can’t even dare to comment. Your jaw-dropping look will suffice.  

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