Jazz up short bob-cut hair with streaks of coffee hues


Coffee is a secret to beauty. You must have heard about coffee masks for youthful skin. It does not end there. A tint of coffee can make you look like a trendsetter, any day. Turn to coffee hues to look fashionable. Also, if you are planning to colour your hair, then opt for coffee shades. 

Streaks of coffee on the bob-cut hair look very classy.

Have you got a funky bob-cut short hair? Are you confused about how to spruce ‘em up? Well, I am here to spare you the trouble, girls. Only long-haired girls can’t have all the fun. There are multiple ways to make your boring and childish bob-cut hair look sexy and straight-off-the-runway.  

Balayage is Trending

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The newest trend is front-facing Balayage for this spring. To be specific, caramel highlights are the go-to thing this season. If you like to go bold, then try nirvana blonde.

Colours in Vogue

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You hair colour reveals your emotional-state. Ergo, flaunt your confidence with hair colours like gold, blonde, coffee and sun-kissed streaks for this spring. This is one of the coolest ways to lighten yoru locks while blending with a darker or neutral shade. 

Products that Care

hair colouring

Hair requires some extra care when you colour them. Prevent harsh sunlight from stealing the sheen and strength of your tresses by using nourishing hair-care products like serum, masks and so on. Make sure you protect your hair with UV Protection and also use shampoos that protect your colour. A lot of sun exposure can fade your hair colour faster and also make them dry. 

Natural Moisture is important

hair colouring

Before starting the hair-styling session, always pick products which provide as well as maintain the natural moisture of your hair instead of dehydrating them. You can opt for hair-styling products which give you natural shine and moisture for the summer season.  

Basically, wear the carefree hair with curls and waves which aren’t going to be much of a hassle. Protect your hair from the smouldering heat and pollution. You can enjoy luscious mane with dollops of care, conditioning and precautions. This season, the hair colours in fashion are short bobs, blunt cuts or mid-length bobs with fringes and waves to lend a renewed look. 

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